Himos Summer & Autumn Camps


Himos provides versatile surroundings for camp schools and shorter visits to Himos.
Himos is located in the middle of Finland, so great destinations are only a hour drive away.

Summer and autumn camps are held at Himos during the time of no snow.
The camp will be tailored to suit your needs and desires.


【 Finnish Wellness Forest Sports Experience and Finnish Education Learning and
Culture Discovery Children Summer Camp – A Full-scale Finnish Learning Experience】

Product Number KL-1950

Group: Minimum 10 persons             Price: Depends on the chosen activities

Finland’s education system and teaching methods have been longing for the world, and the teaching methods that have been updated with the times are reviewed every year to propose the learning methods that are most suitable for today’s students. We arranged a 2.5 days trip to the Finnish school to study with local children. The inspiring learning method will definitely bring different learning experiences to the children. We have even arranged to the famous Gradia Vocational School. This is a rare arrangement that allows children to experience the learning content of different occupations under the guidance of elder friends and inspire children’s interest in future career choices.

In addition to school courses, children are also taken to the Isojärvi National Park for hiking, boating in Himos lake, and other outdoor activities. We will also lead children to a Selachius Museum that profoundly influences Finnish culture and economy, and learn the story of the power of change. A wonderful and healthy summer camp with educational and cultural implications, don’t miss it!

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