Experience the smoke sauna and let the historical Finnish way of bathing and relaxation ease your mind.


A smoke sauna is a Finnish experience without comparison.In the massive stove of the Himos smoke sauna we have over 1600 kg of stone to provide a long soothing bath for hours. The sauna is really hot in the beginning and the heat gets softer towards the night, there is the smell of smoke and the experience is one of real Finnish sauna culture.

The most popular sauna in Himos is the smoke sauna. In the smoke sauna, you can bathe in the steam sitting on the upper boards in the heat or lower down where it is not so hot. Our smoke sauna is by a lake and there is also a hot jacuzzi in the yard. The smoke sauna has a fireplace room and shower facilities.

Price: 440 € / 3 h, following hours +50 € / h
Outdoor jacuzzi: Additional fee 160 €
Towels: Included in the price.
Recommended group size: Max. 25 pers.


The Smoke Sauna sauna room up to 17 persons.
Sauna sitting room has a fireplace and a dining table for 12 – 14 people. One smaller changing room with a door, open and covered terrace area outside.
Somok sauna sauna room have access to the lake and have an outdoor jacuzzi on the open terrace.


You can order a casual meal to the sauna sitting room and enjoy the night by the fireplace. Order an invigorating snack or dinner from the saunamenu.

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