À la carte and pizza

Winter menu 2022-2023

Table reservations and take away from Tupa kitchen & bar
tel. +35820 711 9290


SNAILS (L) …11,50 €

Snails with garlic and Aura blue cheese gratin and toasted bread (gluten-free on request)


Skagen crab salad on toasted Archipelago bread (gluten-free on request)

MISO SALMON  (M, G) … 11,50 €

Miso marinated salmon, pickled seasonal vegetables, roasted leek and herb salad

ENDIVE (M, G) … 8,50 €

Roasted endive, pickled seasonal vegetables, nut crumble, herb salad and herb oil

TARTAR (L, G) … 13,50 €

Beef tenderloin (FI), cured egg yolk, pickled mustard seeds, Parmesan cheese and aioli à la Tupa

Main courses

SALMON ( L, G) … 22,50 €

Roasted salmon and leeks, beluga lentils, fried broccolini, browned butter, dill oil and aioli à la Tupa

CHICKEN  (L, G) … 21,50 €

Fried chicken, deep-fried parsnips, caramelized carrots, parmesan potatoes and red wine sauce

 OYSTER VINEGAR  (VE, G) … 21,50 €

Fried oyster vinaigrette, caramelized carrot, beluga lentils, pickled seasonal vegetables and parsnip puree

PORK SHANK   (L, G) … 21,50 €

Tender pork knuckle, pickled mustard seeds, caramelized carrot, parsnip puree, herb potato and red wine sauce

STEAK  (L, G) … 37,50 €

Fried beef tenderloin (FI) 150 g, porcini-thyme butter, deep-fried parsnips, fried broccolini, herb potatoes and pepper sauce

Burgers and Wings

TUPA BURGER  (L) … 19,00 €

Finnish 160 g hamburger patty, Jukola cheese cheddar, bacon, Tuva burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, marinated red onion and French fries/salad

VEG BURGER  (VE) … 19,00 €

Beyond Meat burger patty, Tupa’s burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion and French fries/salad

It is possible to get the hamburger bun gluten-free


6 pcs /  8,90 €
12 pcs /  13,50 €
20 pcs /  18,50 €

Chicken wings rolled in Texas Pete sauce (medium/hot),
cucumber sticks and Aura blue cheese dip

DIPS … 2,00 €

Aura Blue cheese  (L, G)
Chipotle  (M, G)
Tupa’s burger sauce  (M, G)
Aioli  (M, G)
Mayonnaise (M, G)


Take away from Tupa kitchen & bar
tel. +35820 711 9290

OPERA … 12,90 €

Ham and tuna

AMERICANA … 13,70 €

Ham, Aura blue cheese and pineapple


Pepperoni, jalapenos and Koskenlaskija cheese

CHEESE PIZZA … 16,00 €

Mozzarella, Aura blue cheese and parmesan cheese

JÄMSÄN ÄMMÄ L … 15,80 €

Grilled chicken breast, Aura blue cheese, bacon and peach

JÄMSÄN AIJÄ L … 18,30 €

Tupa’s bolognese sauce, ham, pepperoni and bacon

VEGE VE … 15,50 €

Seitan kebab, shiitake mushrooms, citrus-marinated red onion, arugula, grated vegan cheese and herb oil


Créme fraîche, cold-smoked salmon, Skagen crab salad and arugula

NDUJA … 17,50 €

Créme fraîche, nduja, mozzarella, arugula and herb oil


According to your taste

2 fillings … 14,70 €
4 fillings …19,00 €

Halving the pizza 1,00 €
Additional filling 2,00 €

All pizzas are lactose-free and contain tomato sauce and cheese.

Ask our staff about other potentially allergenic ingredients.

It is also possible to get the pizza base gluten-free, but flour is also processed in our restaurant kitchen, so we cannot guarantee 100% gluten-free.

Optional toppings

Ham  (M, G)
Pepperoni  (M, G)
Grilled chicken  (M, G)
Bolognese   (M, G)
Seitan kebab  (VE)
Bacon (M, G)
Nduja  (M, G)
Cold smoked salmon
Shiitake mushroom
Double cheese
Koskenlaskija cheese  (L, G)
Aura blue cheese  (L, G)
Mozzarella  (L, G)
Grated vegan cheese (VE, G)
Parmesan cheese (L, G)
Créme fraîche  (L, G)
Citrus marinated red onion

You can buy take-away drinks from the bar.
(Alcoholic beverages max 5,5%)


CRÉME BRÛLÉE   (L, G) … 10,00 €

and pickled berries

3 x CHOCOLATE   (G) … 10,50 €

Tuvan chocolate cake, milk chocolate pudding, white chocolate ice cream and pickled berries

PAVLOVA (VE) … 10,50 €

Coconut mousse, marinated strawberry and meringue


Old-fashioned vanilla  (L, G)
Strawberry  (VL, G)
Chocolate  (VL, G)
Roasted white chocolate gelato (G)

Raspberry sorbet  (VE, G)

1 ball /4,00 €
2 balls /6,00 €
​​3 balls / 8,00 €

SAUCES … 1,50 

Chocolate  (M, G)
Kinuski (caramel)   (L, G)
Licorice  (M, G)
Strawberry jam   (M, G)

M – dairy free L – lactose free VL – low lactose G – gluten free VE – vegan
Please ask your waiter about allergens if needed