For Himos to have everything, also in the future.

Himos Holiday wants to increase awareness and opportunities for sustainable tourism in Himos and Central Finland. We have various projects underway to develop our existing operations and we are participating in Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) -programme. Equally an important aspect of our new projects is the consideration of responsibility and sustainability aspects throughout the life cycle of the product and service.

On this page you can find out projects that have already been implemented, unfinished and in the planning stage, and projects that are either our own, collaborative or implemented by others that affect us as well.


Purely local

HimosHoliday is proud of Jämsä and its people. Almost 100% of our personnel, subcontractors and partners are from Jämsä or the surrounding areas.

Christmas in Himos

HimosHoliday welcomes tourists from Finland and abroad all year round! In addition to continuous turnover, year-round operations ensure a more consistent need for personnel. This also makes us a more reliable employer and partner.

Event Productions

Organising successful events at Himos strengthens the will of HimosHoliday as a year-round destination for a wide range of customer groups. Organising well-planned and implemented health-safe events is our passion.

Himos Golf, the field is not only green

Himos Golf’s golf car canopy is covered with solar panels for charging electric golf cars. The total output of the 44 panels installed is 15.83 kWp.

In field maintenance the electric vehicles are also increasingly being used instead of combustion engine equipment.

Additionally, the entire 18-hole Himos Golf course is built on existing terrain without major tillage and respecting the environment.

Green EPD-labelled hydropower from Vattenfall

HimosHoliday buys EPD-labelled electricity from Vattenfall.

The EPD is a document and environmental statement that provides transparent and comparable information on the environmental impact of products. It describes resources consumed per kilowatt hour produced, emissions generated, waste, recycling and land use. EPD is a transparent way of demonstrating a company’s environmental impact that customers value.

Kesäloma Himos
Artists performing with solar energy

In summer 2021, the sunny roof of Himos Areena was crowned with 94 solar panels. The output of these panels is 33.84 kWp. This solar power is intended to cover part of the annual electricity consumption not only in the hotel premises but also in Himos Arena and the surrounding cottage area. When solar power production is at its peak, an additional part of the solar energy produced will be sold through the electricity grid.

One big family

For more than 30 years, Himos Holiday has been serving customers at Himos. Over the years, the small family business has grown into an organization that wants to preserve the values and immediacy of a family business.

Equality and equal treatment

Good customer service is one of the cornerstones of our operations. We want all our customers and partners to feel valued. Respect and equality within the work community is also important to us.

Power for electric cars

The number of electric and hybrid cars in Finland is constantly growing. Our goal is to provide charging points suitable for electric cars to an increasing extent in the future. At the moment more and more cottage owners equip their cottages with charging point for an electric car.

Own maintenance and cleaning

Himos Holiday subsidiary Himos Mökkipalvelut is the part of our company that is responsible for the maintenance, repairs and cleaning of the cottages. It is also our largest department in terms of personnel. Our own maintenance and cleaning teams ensure that we have experts in the house who know our destination and specialize in the features of the cottages.

Ecolabelled Hotel textile service

Our hotel textile service Comforta Oy provides our laundry service that complies with the responsible consumption of energy, water and chemicals. The service is licenced with Nordic Swan ecolabel.  The ecolabelled hotel textile service helps us e.g. to prefer chemicals that meet strict environmental and health requirements and to reduce our environmental impact, because the transport and distribution of textiles is responsible.

Sustainable procurement and repair

Himos Holiday is responsible for a lot of cottages and maintenance facilities. Our main principle is to repair as much as possible to avoid unnecessary purchases and waste. If need to buy a new one, we will choose the best option from the stock of our partners or suppliers. The guidelines for most purchases are the cottage-specific requirements set by the owners of the cottage.

The cottages are only heated during the guests’ stay

Together with Comgate, the supplier of our reservation system, Himos Holiday is building a link between the reservation system and the heating of the cottages. The intention is that in the future cottages will be heated only during booking times, when the energy requirement for heating empty cottages will decrease. Currently the project is in the early stages and the link is being tested at a few different cottages.

Analysis of waste streams in the Himos Tourism Area 2021-2022

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the Himos every year. Large numbers of tourists also bring with them growing mountains of waste. The goal of this project is to find out what can be done to reduce the amount of waste generated in the Himos tourist center and to develop waste management. In order to achieve these goals, the project draws up an environmental programme for the City of Jämsä, which describes the objectives of the City of Jämsä to combat climate change, promote the circular economy and develop sustainable tourism.

The project is implemented by the city of Jämsä and financed by the Federation of Central Finland.

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