Hiking & snowshoeing the outdoors

Varied terrain and wonderful landscapes of Himos offer you many marked trails for hiking or snowshoeing.
The trails in Himos are 3–12 kilometers long. They are excellent for day trips of 2-3 hours, and the trails are easily combined to suit various fitness levels.
Ask for your copy of the printed map from the Himos Center reception!

Hiking in Himos

Pack your backpack with water and some snacks, put on your outdoor clothes and good shoes and go experience Himos by foot. Whether you want to walk more flat trails or challenge yourself in more hilly trails, Himos hiking trails have it all. You can boost your hiking with Nordic walking poles and grant your upper body a good exercise.

Typical Finnish scenery with pines, spruces and birches will help you calm down and relax. In the summer and autumn time the forests are full of nature’s own delicacies, for example blueberries, lingonberries or variety of mushrooms, such as chanterelles for you to pick. The Finnish specialty, everyman’s rights, grant you the right to pick up nature’s goodies freely in the forests.

In the winter time, the experience of hiking in a dark forest with a headlamp and off-road hiking with snowshoes is something to remember. The warm of the camp fire gives you an unique feeling of warmth when the surroundings are full of snow and the temperature is low.

The shortest trails are just a few kilometers long and great opportunity to experience nature with children. Most of Himos hiking routes pass by a camp fire place, where you can take a break and grill sausages or marshmallows or just sit and enjoy the warm of the camp fire.

If you want to target a bird watching tower, check out bird watching tower here »

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Visit the Himos Center reception to ask for maps for independent hiking in Himos. There you can also rent Nordic walking poles and snowshoes. Information about rental equipment for Rental here »

If you don’t want to go on a hike independently, we can organise guided nature and hiking trips with our local partners.
For additional information, contact Himos Holiday.

patikointi keski-suomen luonnossa

Himos trail in Summer

On one August weekend Himos is full of trail runners participating Himos Trail. Himos Trail is an trail running event that has expanded yearly. Himos trail has various track possibilities from 5 km long EASY track to a 26 kilometer long  EXTREME track. Himos trail in the summer 2018 had over 1100 participants and the feedback from the event was full of praises.

The children can also take part in their own Himos Kids competition. Himos kids is a combination of trail running and obstacle run.

If you are in Himos during summer time, you can also participate in the Himos Trail common trainings. This gives you an excellent opportunity to try out trail running with others.

Himos Trail will be held on 19.-20.8.2022

The events own webpage is Himos trail (in Finnish) »


Himos winter trail

In January the snowy trails of Himos are the playing field of Himos winter trail. It is a trail running competition that has multiple tracks ranging from the hiking route of 6 kilometers to 13 kilometers long Himos Night Challenge.

Himos winter Trail will be held on 27.-28.1.2023

The events own webpage is Himos trail (in Finnish) »



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