On this page, we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions by lodgers. Is there anything you’re still wondering about?
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Himos Holiday, sales service

Tel.  +358 20 711 9230


Reservation dates

Saturday is not a possible start or end date for bookings. Reservation for the weekend is always from Friday to Sunday.

During the high season, there may be restrictions on reservation nights, when reservations have a minimum period. These include:

  • Christmas min. 3 nights 23.-26.12.
  • After Christmas and before New year 26.12.-30.12. min. 2 nights
  • New Year min. 3 nights 30.12.-2.1.
    (24.12, 25.12, 31.12 and 1.1, these days cannot be used as start or end dates for bookings.)
  • Epiphany week min. 2 nights
  • Ski holiday weeks min. 2 nights
  • Easter min. 3 nights Thur.-Sun./Fri.-Mon.
  • Festival times the entire event time Thur.-Sun.

Key pick-up

The keys is given from Himos reception, at Länsi-Himoksentie 4, 42100 Jämsä. The up-to-date opening hours of our reception are updated weekly in the arrival info.

If you cannot arrive during the reception opening hours, you can pick up the keys to your accommodation from the Himos night time service. From our 24 h service number +358 20 711 9213, you will receive a code with which you can pick up the keys from the lobby behind the main door of the Himos reception at any time of the day. Or if you already know that you will be late picking up the key, please contact our sales one day earlier, we will guide you.

To speed up the check-in process, you can fill in the passenger card form in advance and send the completed form by email to vastaanotto(at) Especially for the big group, we suggest you do so.

The key will be handed over to you personally. Please inform the reception desk in advance if the key will be collected by someone else. The person collecting the key must be of legal age and must be in possession of an identity document.

There is one customer key for the cottage. There is a spare key in our reception for emergencies.

Check-in and check-out times

General: Check-in starts at 16 o’clock, the check-out is until 12 o’clock/Noon.
High-seasons: During weeks 52-1 & 8-9, regional summer festivals, check-in starts 18 o’clock, check-out until 12 o’clock/Noon

Outside the highs-season periods, it is possible to book early check-in starting from 10 am. or late check-out until 6 pm. if booking situation allows.
The late check-out varies from 50 – 200 € depending of the size of the cottage. In the highest category the late check-out fee is the full price of the extra night.
Late check-out is possible to be booked if the departure day falls on Sunday to Thursday and early check-in if the booking starts between Monday to Saturday.


Starter pack

All rental cottages come with a starter pack to get you started. For each booking, a starter pack of toilet and kitchen towels, a few sheets of baking paper and 10 dishwasher tablets are provided to get you off to a good start. If you need more of these during your holiday, you will need to buy them yourself.


If the cottage has an electric or gas barbecue, it is listed in the cottage equipment list. Small charcoal grills are not listed in the equipment lists of the cottage. Our cleaners will leave the barbecues in a clean condition in the cottages, but those in poor condition will be sent to waste collection.

Gas grills come with a gas cylinder ready for use. If you run out of gas during your holiday, please contact our 24 h service number +358 20 711 9213 and we will replace the cylinder.

In most of the cottages, the grills are in use during the summer season from May to the end of September. In some luxury villas, the barbecues are available all year round and this will be indicated in the webpage of cottage description.

Kitchen equipment

The cottages are equipped with the usual cooking utensils, such as pots, frying pans and oven pans. All cottages also have a coffee machine. If you know you will need a specific piece of cooking equipment during your stay, such as an electric kettle or a hand blender, we recommend that you bring one with you.

For safety reasons, the cottages do not have spices or other food items. So please also bring your own salt and pepper.

Kitchen equipment includes the necessary cleaning utensils, hand dishwashing liquid and 10 dishwasher tablets. There are no hand towels provided in the cottage.

Tablewares for the cottage

The tablewares are sized according to the number of people in the cottage. The number of tablewares is the number of beds in the cottage +2, i.e. a cottage for six people there are dishes for eight people.

The number of place settings in cottages is generally quite limited, so for more festive settings, it is a good idea to bring your own place settings.

Blankets and pillows

The beds are equipped with blankets and pillows, but no linen or towels. You can bring your own bed linen and towels or rent them from Himos Holiday. In some cottages or villas, linen must always be booked when booking accommodation, and this is mentioned separately in the webpage of cottage description.

Hand towels in the kitchen or toilet facilities are not included in the cottages, so you must take them with you.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies and cleaning products are provided. We use disposable cleaning cloths, which are hygienic and hassle-free. The cleaning cloths last for about 3 days, after which they can be disposed of. There is one cleaning cloth in the cottage kitchen and more cleaning cloths can be found in the cleaning closet in the cottage.

Laundry detergents are not included in the cottage supplies.



Start the morning with a hearty and tasty breakfast and you’ll be ready for the day’s festivities! A rich breakfast buffet is served in the Tupa kitchen & bar. Breakfast tickets can be purchased online when booking your accommodation or at the Himos reception for 12.50€ per ticket.

Check the opening hours of Tupa kitchen & bar here»

Children's supplies

Travelling with children becomes easier when you book a cot and highchair in advance. The highchair costs 10 € and the cot 45 € (including bedding and linen).


Pets can be brought to cottages where pets are allowed. Pets are subject to a pet fee of 30 €, which can be added to the booking at the time of booking or check-in. The renter is responsible for the pet and any damage it may cause.

Pets are not allowed in some accommodation. This ban is unconditional and will be mentioned in the description of the cottage.

For more information on travelling with pets (in Finnish) in Himos.

Linen and towel

You can rent linen and towel through Himos Holiday. The linen set includes a sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase, hand towel and bath towel. The price of the linen set is 15 € delivered to the cottage or 20 € ready made to bed.

Linen set 15 € can be rented at the Himos reception when check in. Linen set 20 € ready made to bed service must be booked one day earlier before arrival.

We use Comforta Ltd’s eco-labeled hotel textile service, which complies with responsible consumption of energy, water and chemicals. In order to reduce the environmental load in hotel and motel, sheets and towels are changed at the customer’s request.


The price of the accommodation does not include the end-cleaning fee. If you wish, you can clean the cottage yourself before you leave or order the cleaning service from Himos Holiday. The price varies according to the size of the cottage. In some cottages, end-cleaning fee is compulsory and is automatically added to the booking in addition to the accommodation price.

At certain times, end-cleaning service is added to all accommodation bookings and is automatically added to the accommodation price. End-cleaning is shown on the booking as an itemised product line. These certain times can be checked at Event times.

Meeting facilities

Are you organising a cottage meeting? You can book a meeting kit for your cottage, including a video projector, screen, flipchart, markers and internet connection. The cost of the meeting equipment is 100 € delivered to the cottage.

Number of people staying

No more persons may stay at the accommodation than the number of persons stated in the accommodation information, unless this has been agreed separately with Himos Holiday. Additional persons will be charged a separate additional person fee of 30 €/person. Parties are allowed in the cottages, so the number of persons in the cottages may be temporarily exceeded. An additional person fee is charged for adults staying overnight, children are not charged.

Camping with a tent or caravan/ mobile home/ camper in the accommodation yard is prohibited.

Portable hot tubs

During the summer period from May to October, portable hot tubs are allowed to be used to cottages. For more detailed instructions on how to use a hot tub, please refer to here. Some cottages have regulations prohibiting the use of portable hot tubs, as mentioned in the description on the cottage website.

For safety reasons, it is prohibited to use your own portable hot tub to the cottage during the winter period from November to April.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

In the Himos area, about 200 cottages are equipped with outdoor jacuzzi. The outdoor jacuzzi is an electrically heated pool that is ready for use throughout your stay. The jacuzzi is subject to a fee, which includes maintenance before and after your booking. In case of any problems with the outdoor jacuzzi during your stay, the jacuzzi maintenance company OnSeason is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, tel. +358 29 170 7120.

At certain times, outdoor jacuzzi service is added to all accommodation bookings and is automatically added to the accommodation price. Outdoor jacuzzi is shown on the booking as an itemised product line. These certain times can be checked at Event times.

Instructions of Jacuzzi


Waste disposal

Each cottage area has its own sorting points for the collection of normal, everyday waste generated during the accommodation. Waste is sorted in Himos as follows:

  • Energy waste
    • all combustible waste, including cardboard, packaging, plastic bottles, packaging plastic
    • dirty newspapers and magazines, polystyrene
  • landfill waste
    • Other waste, textiles, PVC plastic and biowaste
  • Glass
    • bottles can be left on the kitchen sink counter
    • Other glass bottles and jars for glass collection
  • Metal waste
    • canisters can be left on the kitchen counter
    • other metal cans for recycling
  • Cardboard
    • cardboard packaging

Consideration of other customers

The area is silent from 23:00 to 07:00, when noise and other disturbances are prohibited. If guests cause unreasonable disturbance, we will charge a fine of 500 € to the person causing the disturbance. 24 h service number, tel. +358 20 711 9213

Problematic situations

If you notice any deficiencies in the accommodation, you must inform Himos Holiday reception immediately during your stay, tel. +358 20 711 9210. We will endeavour to make repairs or refunds as soon as possible.

Himos Mökkipalvelut Services is part of our company, responsible for the maintenance, repairs and cleaning of the cottages. Our own maintenance and cleaning teams ensure that we have in-house experts who know our sites and specialise in the features of our cottages.

Night time service is provided by AiCan Security, whose on-call staff are able to help with the most common problems, even in the evening and at night. .

Cottage heating

We have set the cottage temperatures to 20 degrees and the air heat pumps to 22 degrees. If this feels chilly, you can warm up your cottage by warming up the wood in the fireplace. Wool socks and cottage life also go hand in hand, so don’t turn the heating up to full blast, just put on your wool socks!

If the temperature in the cottage has gotten too warm in winter, use the thermostat to lower the room temperature. If the temperature in the cottage has risen too high, you can reduce the temperature by turning the thermostat down.

In summer, however, cooling is in order. But only keep the air conditioning on when you’re at the cottage!

Use of the sauna and hot water

General caution should be observed when using the heater. Check that there are no combustible products on or near the stove. The heater is switched on by a time switch and the temperature is regulated by a thermostat. For more detailed instructions on how to use the stove, please refer to the cottage booklet or the wall of the accommodation.

When the sauna heater is on, some cottages may have a ‘heat reduction’ system, which means that some of the heat is turned off while the heater is on. When the stove is switched off, the heating automatically returns to normal. It is therefore best not to keep the heater on unnecessarily, but to take a sauna as soon as the sauna has warmed up to 60-80 degrees. It is also a good idea to switch the heater off immediately after the last sauna.

The water in the cottage is sufficient for normal use. If a lot of hot water is used, it will run out of the water reservoir. If this happens, it will take several hours to heat the water. So please use your cottage water sparingly.

Please make sure you cover the outdoor jacuzzi when you are not using it. This will save electricity and keep the pool warm and in good working order for longer.

Electric car charging

Electric car may only be charged at the designated/marked charging points. The cottage description indicates if the cottage has an electric car charging point. Charging from other outlets may cause a fire safety risk. The renter is obliged to compensate for any damage caused by charging.

There are 10 electric car charging points in the parking area of the Länsrintine, in the second row facing the slopes. For more information, please visit Electric Car charging point info

Use of the fireplace

General caution must be observed when using a fireplace. Please make sure that the fireplace screen is open before lighting the fire. The extractor fan should also be switched off before lighting the fire. The fireplace can only be closed when the firebox and coals are completely extinguished. Do not leave a fire in the fireplace when the cottage is empty.

Firewood can be found either in the cottage’s own wood store, in the wood box on the terrace or in the common wood store in the cottage area, which is marked on the cottage area map. If you run out of wood, please contact Himos Holiday reception, tel.+358 20 711 9210. The reception also sells firewood by the bag.

Please also be careful with candles and outdoor fires. The use of outdoor fires on terraces and porches is prohibited in accordance with the fire safety instructions on the packaging.


Lost and found

Lost and found items are delivered to the Finnish Lost and Found Service, company name is Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu, which takes care of sending the goods to customers. Inquiries about lost property can be made by phone on +358 600 03393, price 1,98 € /min +pvm.

See more about Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu 


We hope that your holiday was successful and that you enjoyed your stay in Himos. After your holiday, we will send you an email with a link to give you feedback on our services and activities. All feedback will be dealt with by our customer service and if you have left your contact details, we will contact you personally.

You can also leave a public review of the accommodation you have booked. The reviews will be posted on the cottage’s destination page, where they will be visible for a year.