Let’s head to the roads less traveled, off the beaten path!
Himos-Safari -guides will lead you to the forest trails and small sandy roads behind the Himos hilltops.
There are routes which are suitable for drivers without driving experience and more bumpy ones to break up a sweat.

Available from September to May, other times by request.

Max group size; 13 solo driving, 26 sharing

Mönkijäsafari talvi


Strictly  driving

This 1,5 hour safari concentrates in the main thing – driving. After an introduction on how to handle the vehicle we will discover the Himos Resort from different angles. Depending of the season we will drive through small winding sandy roads or head to the forest paths. A quick stop for pictures up on Himos hilltops is a must.

Duration about 1,5 hours
Price 102 € / person, 79 € / person (2 people sharing vehicle)


Driving and a coffee break at Moose Manor

First we will go through the basics on handling the ATV-vehicles before taking off. We will make a tour around Himos Resort before heading to an enchanting little zoo-park called The Moose Manor, built in the 18th Century. Moose Manor is the only place in Finland where you can cuddle and kiss forest moose. There are also fallow deer and reindeer in the park. After taking several #moosies and giving kisses we will also enjoy coffee and house pie in the manor’s idyllic main room or tupa before heading back towards Himos.

Duration about 2,5 hours
Price 132 € / person, 104 € / person (2 people sharing vehicle)



Driving and a snack break by the campfire

After getting introduction on handling the vehicle we will embark on the 2,5 hour safari. The journey will take us  all the way to the Patajoki bridge where Lake Päijänne comes into full view. We will stop for a snack break by the campfire at Lake Yläinen-Liesjärvi where we will grill sausages and enjoy coffee and juice enjoying the silence surrounding this small clear watered lake in the middle of forest.

Duration about 2,5 hours
Price 132€ / person, 104 € / person (2 people sharing vehicle)

A glimpse of Lake Päijänne, coffee break by the laavu (lean-to-shelter) on the shore of a spring based lake.
Who knows, maybe you get to kiss a moose on the way?


Families and friends, group of colleagues, incentive program.


Himos Center Reception, Länsi-Himoksentie 4, 42100 Jämsä.


  • Safariguide services
  • Driving and safety instructions
  • Driving gear; helmet, hoodie, gloves, overalls and shoes.
  • Motor liability Insurance (deductible / own risk 1200 €)
  • Fuel


  • Minimum charge 4 people in guided safaris
  • Reservation is binding immediately, cancellation fee 95 € if cancelled more than 7 days before departure.
  • The final amount of participants must be confirmed and paid for 7 days before the departure, after that cancellation fee 100 %
  • Price includes the guide services, fuel, driving equipment
  • Snowmobiles are insured by the Finnish Motor Insurances-law (deductible / own risk 1200 €)
  • The driver must have at least an T-class driver’s licence (standard driver’s licence is sufficent)
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants is strictly prohibited. We follow a zero-toleranze policy on the use of alcohol and other intoxicants.
  • Guides have the right to prevent anyone from participating in the safari in any way if they see suspicious or dangerous behaviour.


  • Vehicles: Polaris 570 Sportman, registered for two.
  • Max group size 10 people solo driving, 20 people sharing.
  • We will provide overalls according to the weather, with your own garments underneath the overalls.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily.


  • We reserve the right to change the routes and duration of excursions if required for the security and convenience of the participants.
  • We also reserve the right to suspend the Safari if a participant may cause a hazard to themselves or others.
mönkijäsafari Himoksella
Have time to stay overnight?

Please let us know and we can make you full day programme including accommodation, sauna and other interesting visit spots in Himos and Jämsä area.

Welcome to exciting Himos Safari!