Relax in the soothing warmth of the lakeside sauna and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Patalahti.


The lakeside sauna is a modern, not so hot sauna. The sauna is heated with an electric stove.

Electric stoves are the most common form of sauna heating in Finland today. The lakeside sauna has a fireplace room and shower facilities.

To cool down after the sauna, you can take a dip in Lake Patalahti. The bravest ones can do this also in the winter time, through a hole in the ice called ‘avanto’.

The sauna experience can also be enhanced with the use of outdoor jacuzzi, which offers warm bath in the yard of the sauna.

Price: 180 € / 3 h, following hours +50 € / h
Outdoor jacuzzi: Additional fee 160 €
Towels: Bring your own or rent 2 € / pcs
Recommended group size: Max. 25 pers.

The sitting room at the Lakeside sauna can be used for meetings up to 12 – 20 people. Changing room is divided with a door from the sitting room. Sauna benches have room for 10 – 12 people at a time.

The barbeque shelter next to the lakeside sauna will add more sitting space for larger groups in the summer.


You can order a casual meal to the sauna sitting room and enjoy the night by the fireplace. Order an invigorating snack or dinner from the sauna menu.

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