Himos, located in the Southern part of Finland, retains natural mountains and clear lakes, presenting a clean natural environment and incredibly fresh air.

Himos, located in town of Jämsä and 2 ½ hour drive from our capital Helsinki, retains natural mountains and clear lakes, presenting a clean natural environment and incredibly fresh air. We are a proud to part of Lakeland Finland and Visit Jyväskylä Region, providing our customers experiences that last for a lifetime.

Himos has the largest and most diverse ski slopes in the Southern Finland. Himos offers 21 different levels of slopes and 15 lifts for beginners and professionals for enjoying the fun of skiing. Because of the location, when the coldest temperature in winter comes, it is still very suitable for outdoor activities, and it will not feel uncomfortable. The traffic is very convenient in our location.

For 30 years, with its excellent natural environment, Himos has been committed to developing forest leisure activities such as hiking and exploring, golf, winter skiing, professional skiing training and Nordic skating in the resort. Siberian husky safaris, Natural Park and boat cruises are available in near distance.

Himos also provides high standard accommodation and up to 500 different kinds of Nordic style cottages for selection. We have 5 different styles of restaurants offering delicious dining such as Tupa kitchen & bar. Furthermore, the area provides a variety of leisure activities regardless of season such as health and wellness treatments, cultural and artistic exploration, not to mention modern and traditional sauna facilities, to fully satisfy your holiday needs meanwhile promoting health.

Besides we also provide venues for professional events and business meetings, and organize domestic music festivals and international concerts. The various international events in and outside of the resort and holiday guests from around the world makes Himos an international leisure resort.

In addition to business expansion, Himos still does not forget the social responsibility. We combine the activities with Jämsä and other cities, such as the Moose Manor Animal Park, Museums, Sauna Village and other selected visiting places to ensure the cultural variety in activities. Our well-preserved natural lake Heart of Himos – Yläinen Liesjärvi and pure environment is an excellent chance to enjoy the outdoors safely. The customized education camp programs which enhances the Finnish education concept provide unforgettable meetings with locals.

Himos also creates a happy working environment for all the working partners, making sure that our partners and staff can provide you with a joyful and unforgettable vacation time with a happy mood.

With 30 years experience, we have a very professional service team to provide you with all the activities and leisure time in Himos under the premise of safety.

We have served thousands of passengers, the feedback and demand of our passengers is the driving force for our growth and progress. We hope in the future, Himos is not only Himos. We will and we are creating more activities and services to fulfill your potential needs for holiday.

If you don’t know Himos yet, now is a good moment for us to meet. Let Himos be one part of your journey.

Welcome to Himos!

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