Enjoying sauna is easy for a bigger groups in Himos Sauna Yard. Sauna Yard contains different kinds of saunas, outdoor jacuzzis, sitting rooms, terraces and BBQ-huts, designed to serve groups of even 150 people.

You can test the saunas in your own pace, swim in the lake or relax in outdoor jacuzzi or hut tub – in summer and in winter!

Saunas for all tastes!

Saunas in Sauna Yard serve all tastes: Smoke sauna, electric sauna, barrel sauna and a wood burning sauna.

Those who are not so keen into sauna, can spend time in sitting rooms and terraces. Sauna Yard has two docks to Lake Patalahti and two oudoor jacuzzis and a hot tub. In winter you can swim in the lake also, or enjoy the starry sky in the warmth of the outdoor jacuzzis or hot tube. The Yard also has big terraces, sitting rooms and BBQ-hut for grilling with open fire.

You can book Sauna Master there for you for guidance and answering your questions.

Groups have bath ropes, slippers, towels and shampoos etc. ready in the Sauna Yard.

Choose Sauna Yard services for your group:

Sauna Yard: Just sauna and hanging out together

Sauna Yard Sauna Master’s tradition sauna experience: Sauna Master will tell your group about traditions related to sauna, Kalevala sauna enchantments and the effects of sauna for your health. Program can be kept in Finnish, English or Russian.

Sauna Yard Party:  DJ keeps the dancing vibes on and jacuzzis and hot tube are full of good feelings!

You can also order food to Sauna Yard from Sauna menu

Prices / person:

Sauna Yard 990 € + 10 €/person
Minimum 40 people

Sauna Master’s sauna tradition experience +6 €/person

Saunapiha Party +14 €/person

For example. Sauna Yard Party 990 € + 10 €/person + 14 €/person.
For big groups you can also ask for quotation!

Himoksen saunapiha

Sauna Yard in practice – Good to know!

Sauna Yard is in your use for 3 hours, extra hours 100 € / hour / group

Sauna Yard fee includes: Ready-to-use saunas, Sauna caretaker, bath rope, slippers, towels and shampoos etc.

Sauna Yard can be used all around the year, booked in advance. Bookings latest 10 days before.

  • Sauna Yard from April to September can be rented for 150 people, other times max. 100 people.
  • DJ for Sauna Yard from April to September, in the big terrace in the middle of the Sauna Yard.
  • In winter time own sauna hat is recommended!
Himoksen saunapiha

Steam away in Himos with good company, interesting discussions and delicious food and drinks – Welcome!