The School is an actual old school of Säyrylä modified to meet the needs of various customers.


The quaint historic school of Säyrylä has been reconstructed to work as a functional meeting centre. The School is next to Himos Hotel and Himos Areena.
The School has a variety of sixes of meeting rooms, which can be flexibly rearranged for different purposes. Larger groups can occupy several rooms in both floors and regroup to use the rooms as studies.

The personal meeting rooms – or classrooms as we call them, are decorated and named after the old village school style but equipped with modern technique. Audio assistance by request.

The meeting venues in The School are in the same area as Himos Hotel, Himos Areena and our restaurants Tupa Kitchen & Bar and Mono Pub & karaoke.



Equipments for all the rooms
Data projector with remote control, screen and flip chart, notebooks and pencils, WLAN / Wireless internet
Rehtori kokoustila

90 people

The biggest meeting room of the School is the Principal with 90 seats. The luminous space has three entrances.
This room is located downstairs of the building and is in conjunction of the sun-terrace, which is also the fairway for the guests with reduced mobility.

Classroom mode: 90 people
U-table: 22 people
Diplomat: 22 people

Kanslia kokoustila

20 people

The Office is located also downstairs of the building, seating up to 20 people.
The comfortable room has a view to the Lake Patalahti.

Classroom mode: 24 people
U-table: 14 people
Diplomat: 17 people

Maantieto kokoustila

40 people

The biggest meeting room upstairs of the School has windows to 3 directions. Decorated with geographic elements, this room has seats up to 20 people.

Classroom mode: 40 people
U-table: 18 people,
Diplomat: 20 people

Biologia kokoustila

30 people

Standing in the middle upstairs, this room has seats up to 30 people

Classroom mode: 30 people
U-table: 12 people
Diplomat: 18 people

Kasityo kokoustila

16 people

Handicraft is a compact study for 16 people upstairs of the School meeting center.

Classroom mode: 16 people
U-table: 8 people
Diplomat: 12 people


The Meeting Centre School hides a lot of local history, as it served as the Säyrylän School from the early 1900s until the 1960s.

Since then, it has been used for a variety of purposes, including as a campsite support building and a carpeting site for the villagers.

A major, comprehensive renovation was completed in 2013, since when the Meeting Centre School has served as the central meeting place of Himos. The school’s exterior retains the style of the era with its roof ornaments and original porch flags.

The classrooms were renovated into modern meeting rooms, respecting their history.

The school’s diverse meeting spaces provide space for new learning, and the interior design solutions encourage stimulating meeting days.

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