Avoid the formality and book one of HimosHoliday’s private saunas to have a small meeting or a social evening.

It’s fair to say that we take our saunas seriously and while you visit here,
if you manage to avoid getting into one, please tell us how.


The forefather of saunas is the smoke sauna, a traditional form of sauna without a chimney. In the massive stove of the Himos smoke sauna we have over 1600 kg of stone to provide a long soothing bath for hours.Heating the sauna with wood is slow and has its own rituals. Come and see, hear and smell how the sauna is awaken. You will love it for sure.


Sauna is an important part of Finnish state of mind. Already 2000 years ago, the sauna has been a part of Finnish culture. The sauna as building is much more than just a place for bath. Over centuries it was used for nursing the sick, curing meat, washing clothes and fermenting malt and more. In the autumn local women gathered in a sauna to spin linen from flax.


Also the cutest sauna type in the world, barrel sauna, was invented in Koskenpää, Jämsä some 60 years ago. Not to mention the clay workshop that makes stove flowers, the felt factory that does sauna hats. Himos sauna yard provides you the best sauna experience for group. Himos Sauna Yard is great sauna experience for groups for 40-150 people!


You can order a casual meal to the sauna sitting room and enjoy the night by the fireplace. Order an invigorating snack or dinner from the saunamenu. Also drinks available. They have to be reserved in advance. These menus are for groups. Ask more info from us.


The historic Sauna Village has sauna structures built from the 18th century. In addition to Sauna Village there are group saunas that are heated by order, saunas on the boat and 3 sauna manufacturers in the town. Sauna is kind of a big thing for Himos and Jämsä.


Meeting and sauna are the perfect combination. Smaller or bigger meeting, we have the venue for you. At Himos we can offer you a meeting package with premises and restaurant services suitable for your meeting. Ask more info from our sales teams.

Welcome to Himos Holiday!

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