Sauna menu

These menus are for groups. They have to be reserved in advance. The same memu must be reserved for the whole groups. Special diets must be requested in advance.

Salmon L, G

Finnish smoked salmon, remoulade sauce
Prawn-ceasar salad
Green salad mix

Normal size 20 €
XL size 25 €

Sausage L, G

Tiituspohja smokery’s grilling, bacon and chorizo sausages
Harissa- potato salad
Bavarian salad

Normal size 20 €
XL size 25 €

Potato hash casserole L, G

Potato casserole with ham
Green salad with House dressing

16,50 €

Pork  G

Slowly cooked pork loin in bbq-sauce           
Creamy potatoes
Green salad with House dressing

Normal size 20 €
XL size 25 €

Wings L, G

Chicken wings in Texas Pete sauce (medium/hot)           
vegetable sticks and blue cheese dip sauce
Green salad with House dressing

12 pcs 16,50 €
20 pcs  23,50 €

House bread and cream cheese spread included in all dishes

In addition:

Sausages for roasting on fire 2,50 € / pcs

Coffee / Tea (milk and sugar included, delivered with other dishes) 3,50 €

M = Dairy-free
= Lactose-free
VL = Low lactose
G = Gluten-free

The Lakeside Sauna accommodates up to 12 persons. At the sauna, there is a cozy living room with fireplace and dining area.

The Smoke Sauna accommodates up to 20 persons. It also has a seating area for up to 20 people.

The Saunas are a great place to spend time together or hold a small meeting.

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