Experiences and sights nearby
From 3 minutes to 1 hour driving distance, you can see more when you are here!

If you come in the season that is almost polar day time, daylight is almost whole day long, regardless of day and night, please enjoy the comfortable sunshine and activities in Finland.

If you come in the season that is almost polar night time, it’s dark all the way, regardless of day and night, still please enjoy each unique and beautiful day in Finland.

– Himos Holiday


Kiss a moose

You will get to see moose, deers and reindeers at close range . You may even get to pet them! (10 min)


Best place for the little children to get to know the animals! (10 min)


The longest pumptrack course of Finland is found in the centre of Jämsä! (7 min)

Maauimala activity park

Offer various sports and activities in the centre of Jämsä! (7 min)

Lake routes on Lake Päijänne

Have an exotic trip on the majestic Lake Päijänne waterway. (10 min)

Rhea Ship Lines

Cruises from Jyväskylä on Lake Päijänne! (45 min)

Mc Aho safaris

Husky safaries - McAhon

All year -round run! (20 min)

Husky safaries - Kievari Rantapirtti

Dog sledding!  (45 min)


Isojärvi national park

The National Park is a great place for a day tour from Himos or even an overnight. ( 35 min)



The highest and steepest free-falling waterfall in Central Finland. (15 min)

Birdwatching towers

Not only Angry birds you know from Finland. Come to see more.

Natural attractions

So beautiful natural here in Jämsä! You may like to take a look!


Vanha-Savela Farm

The organic farm since early of 20th. You can also buy the fresh meats from there. (10 min)

Uusi-Yijälä Farm

Long history for 200 years, you can buy the wine made from farm’s berries. (3 min)

Ylä-Tihtari farm

Birdhunting with famous Norrbottenspets dog. (35 min)

More farms and gardens

Here you can find more farms and gardens!


Felt stories in Jämsä

Come to hear about the long history of felt in Jämsä.


Lahtiset’s produces have a wide range of wool products. (15 min)

Jalmari Alho

Since 1927, same family provides the high quality wood products. (15 min)

Coming soon for the new project.


Serlachius museums

The Serlachius Museums offer a meeting place for art and stories, and people who value their high-quality. (1 hour)

Jämsä museums

Museums from 16th through to the 20th century, you can find here in Jämsä.

Sauna village

Experience the oldest sauna from 18th century. (10 min)

Kesäloma Himos

Petäjävesi old church

It has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Built in 1763-1765. (1 hour)


Finnish crafts and design and a little of the local history. (30 min)

Alvar Aalto Museum

Beauty is the harmony of function and form. (50 min)

The craft museum of Finland

See and feel the handicraft throughout the time. (50 min)

Struve Geodetic Arc

There are 6 measuring points in Finland. Measuring points in Oravivuori is located just next to Himos. (25 min)


Witikkala mansion

Full of interior decoration items, lovely clothes and an idyllic café, in Jämsä town centre. (10 min)

Kesäloma Himos


Has a broad selection of jeans and denim products, bags, shoes and accessories.
We recommend! In Jämsä town centre, at Mottilantie 8. (10 min)

Center Market Himos

Groceries, daily consumer items, small gift shop and home made pastries daily! (15 second)

Pääsiäinen Himoksella

Pajalan kenkä

A true treasure house of shoes, in the Jämsä town centre, at Teollisuuskatu 1. (13 min)



Restaurants in Jämsä

Diverse restaurant options.

Animal clinic

A good service and a bad humor clinic, a friendly animal clinic. Doctor speaks English. (15 min)

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