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Meeting packages

Smaller or bigger meeting, we have the venue for you. At Himos we can offer you a meeting package with premises and restaurant services suitable for your meeting. We have multiple premises to choose from starting from small cottages and rooms to luxury villas and Himos Areena.

Explore the possibilities and contact us  to arrange the best combination for you.

EXAMPLE ITINERARY, available during week days

DAY  1

9 AM            Arrival at Himos, morning coffee and breakfast
10 – 16         Meeting room available
12                  Lunch
15                  Afternoon coffee and snack
16                  Check-in to Himos Easy -cottages
17 – 20         Own time or activities, sauna at the cottage
20                 Dinner


8 AM            Breakfast at Restaurant Tupa
9 – 12           Summarizing the meeting
12                  Lunch
13 – 17         Safari, ice-swimming, skiing, fishing, golf – the choice is yours!
17 – 22         Smoke Sauna by the lake, outdoor jacuzzi
20                 Dinner brought to the sauna sitting lounge


9 AM            Breakfast
12                  Check-out

Above programme price from 280,00 € / person + chosen activities 

The price includes 2 overnights in a 3-bedroom cottage with sauna, linen and towels ready made to bed and end-cleaning.
The use of meeting room, 3 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, afternoon coffee, 2 x dinner.
Rent for smoke sauna with the use of out-door jacuzzi and towels.

The price is calculated for groups at least 20 persons.

Meeting venues

Explore all the meeting venues »

Rehtori, Principal – 90 pers.
Maantieto, Geography – 40 pers.
Biologia, Biology – 30 pers.
Kanslia, Office – 30 pers.
Käsityö, Handcraft – 16 pers.

Kammari – 36 pers.
Renki, Farmhand – 54 pers.
Piika, Maid – 15 pers.

Coffee break servings

Coffee break goes by fast with a break buffet, which includes:

  • Sandwich or pie
  • Pastry
  • Fruit salad from fresh fruits
  • Mousse
  • Sweets
  • 3 sorts of flavoured water
  • Fruits
  • Coffee and tea

Himos offers a wide range of meeting venues for small and big meetings and seminars.

Meetings rooms in The School have been decorated to resemble the old Finnish school’s style with today’s technology.


There are several cottages and villas in Himos that are suitable for small meetings or corporate social events. Get to know the suggestions and request for quotation from HimosHoliday sales office, tel. +358 20 711 9230.

Villas for meetings

Catering services

Order food to your meeting villa

Catering services can be ordered to villas for meetings. The orders must be made at least 4 days in advance. The group size can be modified until 3 days before the meeting, and the cost of the catering services is based on that group size. The whole group has to have the same menu, allergies noted.

Find out more about Catering services

Several villas in Himos are suitable for small meetings and business gatherings.


Himos Areena is a great venue for seminars and mini-exhibitions. Himos Areena can be customized to meet your needs. Himos Areena is located near the other meeting venues and restaurants.

Contact us and let us know your plans. Together we can plan the event for you.

Himos Areena is suitable for many kinds of events for larger audiences.


Himos Park is designed to fulfill the needs for event organizers of bigger events. All group sizes from a few hundred to over ten thousand people are suitable for Himos Park. Himos Park has for example big tent 2400 m², The Riemu Terrace and asphalt fields and interiors to choose from.

Himos Park is in use from May to September.
Additional information »

Tell us what your planning and we’ll help you with your event!

Himos Park is a combination of event venues designed to fulfill versatile needs of event planners.

Himos Holiday Booking Center | +358 20 711 9230 | himosholiday@himosholiday.com