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The warm fire, the thick snow, and Santa Claus sitting by the fire are probably the impression of winter in Finland. The snowiest time in winter is from January to March. But the weather is already cold in December, sometimes reaching minus 20 degrees in January and February.

When there is enough snow, skiing, sledding, cross-country skiing, ice fishing and snowshoeing in the snow-white forest are popular activities in winter. ATVs and snowmobiles add excitement and vitality to the cold winter.

Even though they are all called SNOW, different temperatures have different snow scenery, which makes the winter view particularly charming. The light is very short in winter. In deep winter, day light starts about 9.00 in the morning and turns dark around 2.30 in the afternoon. Because of this, people’s demand for light is reflected in the installation of Christmas lights indoors and outdoors throughout the winter. Therefore, even if the sky is dark, we are surrounded the lights with hope.

Winter months: December to March
Amount of light: Negligible


Although the spring is in April and May, but in the middle of March, the long-lost sun can already be seen. By the end of March, the sound of melting snow could already be heard on the road. Skiing activities, or cross-country skiing, sometimes last until the end of April. When the snow starts to melt, fat-bike ride which is highly recommended. People also begin to have an excursion to the depths of the forest where has been covered by the snow for a winter.

The seasons changing in Finland are very interesting. Even if it’s already spring, it’s possible that in May, there will be heavy snowfall and the temperature may drop close to zero. It is such unpredictable weather that Finns often predict that, is it snowing during the May Day? Or can we start sunbathing in a t-shirt?

Spring months: April to May
Amount of light: Increase

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In northern Europe, the amount of light is a very important thing. In June, it’s almost polar day time. Summer in Finland is very beautiful, blue sky, blue lake-water and green forest. Many of happy Finns eat ice cream and roam on the street. They have been waiting for summer for a long time, no one wants to stay at home. They just want to go out for basking.

Summer activities in Finland have a lot to do with lakes, such as boating, swimming, or jumping into the water to cool down after taking a long sauna. It is the favorite thing for Finns. It is almost polar day time, make the days are very long. Compare to the long winter nights, the feeling is completely different. It’s still bright at 2 am. You can go boating on the lake or hiking in the forest, just like during the day time. This feeling is really unique.
The various music festivals and large-scale activities are also filled summer’s schedule. Finns seem to use summer to the extreme. This season is not only lively, but also full of joy, forgetting the cold and white of long winter.

Summer months: June to August
Amount of light: A lot


Not only in summer, trees and plants are growing green leaves in a very short time, but also in autumn, the speed of green leaves changing from green to yellow, brown and red is very fast. The autumn wind is rustling and rolling with fallen leaves, which is full of autumn.

Autumn in Finland is also some kind of rainy season. Occasionally cloudy and humid weather is very suitable for the growth of wild mushrooms. Every Finnish who likes to collect wild mushrooms has a secret mushroom collection base. Wild berries, which began to grow at the end of summer, grow very well in early autumn, so if you come in the right time, you can also pick wild berries and wild mushrooms as much as you like in the forest.

Finns like nature, regardless of the seasons. Autumn is a good time for hiking and camping in the forest.
If you like a peaceful atmosphere, light a fire in the cottage, drink a cup of hot tea or coffee, wrap yourself in a blanket, a kind of calm from nature, slowly melt into your heart.
Autumn in Finland has begun to turn cold. It also is a season to start slowing down.

Autumn months: September to November
Amount of light: Reduced

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