Catering service is provided by Himos-Catering.
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Give your order (minimum) 5 working days before delivery, change in the number of ordered goods is accepted until 2 working days before delivery, according to which the charge will be made.

You will receive a confirmation of your order in your email within 24 hours (Mon-Fri), reservations made on the weekend will be confirmed on Monday.

Easy and delicious!

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These menus are intended for groups of at least 6 people, for which we prepare one selected menu per transport.

If you wish to order more than one menu, the minimum charge is 6 portions of each ordered menu. For groups of more than 6 people, multiple menus selected are charged 1.5 times the price of other menus.

If your group members have known allergies, these will be taken into account when preparing the menu according to the allergies you have announced in advance.

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Cancellation fee 50% of the order amount when canceled no later than 2 working days before delivery.

Thereafter, the cancellation fee is 100%.
Delivery fee 30 € / cabin / delivery.
Minimum of delivery 75 € +delivery fee 30 €.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and bank transfer. Meals are charged in advance.

Please, let us know about your food allergies when giving your order.

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1. Breakfast  13,40 € (Delivery the evening before)
Breakfast rolls, rye bread, butter, two different  cold cuts, cheese, boiled eggs, cucumber and tomato slices, marmalade, instant porridge, yoghurt, juice, milk, coffee and tea, sugar cubes, coffee filters

2. Super breakfast  16,20 € (Delivery on the evening before)
Breakfast rolls, rye bread, buns, two different cold cuts, cheese, cured salmon, boiled eggs, bacon, cucumber and tomato slices, marmalade, muesli, yoghurt, fruit, juice, coffee, tea, milk, sugar cubes, coffee filters

Breakfast extras:
– Meatballs and sausages 3,80 €/person
– Pancakes (2 pieces) and jam 3,20 € / person

3. Vegetarian breakfast 17,00 € (Delivery the evening before)
Breakfast rolls, rye bread, vegan spread, vegan cookies, muesli, cucumber and tomato slices, vegan cheese, iceberg lettuce leaves, vegan yogurt, vegan sausages, oat milk, green tea, coffee, sugar cubes and coffee filters

Other menus

4. Menu  16,00 €
Creamy salmon soup, bread and butter

5. Menu 13,50 € or starter soup 9,00 €
Creamy smoked reindeer cheese soup, bread and butter

6. Menu 13,50 €
Vegan wild mushroom soup, bread and spread

7. Menu 14,00 €
Chicken Caesar salad (broiler breast fillet, cucumber, salads, parmesan cheese, croutons, white bread and spread)

8. Menu 15,00 €
Archipelago salad (smoked salmon, lettuce, pickled cucumber, boiled egg, red onion, bread croutons, salad dressing) white bread and spread

9. Menu 16,80 €
Creamy potato casserole (with ham, salmon, vegetable, chicken or achovies) green salad, pickled cucumber, bread and spread

10. Menu 17,50 €
Meatballs, mashed potatoes, green salad, bread and butter

11. Menu 17,00 €
Broiler pasta, (broiler, pasta, bacon, blue cheese, in a creamy sauce) green salad, bread and spread

12. Menu 17,00 € (Dairy free)
Oriental chicken and coconut stew, rice, green salad, bread and butter

13. Menu 17,00 €
Vegetable curry, rice, green salad, bread and spread (if ordered, this menu is completely vegan)

14. Menu 29,50 €
Whole fried beef breast in cognac pepper sauce, smoked reindeer cream potatoes, vegetables, green salad, bread and butter
Crêpes (2 pcs) and strawberry jam

15. Menu 28,50 €
Dinner – Traditional game stew, mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber and lingonberry jam, bread and butter

16. Menu 28,50 €
Dinner – Fish of the day, dill stewed potatoes, green salad, bread and butter
Crêpes (2 pcs) and strawberry jam

17. Menu 42,50 €
Dinner – Creamy soup of cold smoked salmon, lamb fillet with port wine sauce, garlic or cream potatoes, roasted root vegetables, green salad
Chocolate cake and berries marinated in Xanté-liqueur

18. Menu 38,50 €
Central Finland dinner – Mushroom soup and rustic bread, slowly cooked pork flank and smoked cheese potatoes, honeydew cubes and cabbage salad
Blueberry and oat with curd and cream (cream-curd dessert with local talkkuna-powder made of roasted barley, rye, oat and pea flour)

19. Menu 14,00 €
Selection of sausages with creamy sauerkraut, potato salad, bread and spread

20. Menu 18,00 €
Evening snack – Chicken drumsticks, meatballs, snacks, curry mayonnaise, corn chips, green salad, potato salad, bread and spread.

21. Menu 136,00 €
Delicacies in a basket for 10 persons
Blue cheese, white cheese, strong ripened cheese (such as black label Emmental cheese), cream cheese, crackers, grapes, kiwi, nuts, corn chips, garlic bread and chocolate


Cake, with chocolate or whipped cream, for 10-15 person   48,00€
Berry pie,  6-8 person   28,00€
Quiche (ham, vegetable, salmon, chicken), 6-8 person   28,00€
Pizza slice, tuna or ham   3,95 €/pcs
Hearty house roast baguette 6,80 €
Tuna sub   6,20 €
Coffee and ham and cheese roll   9,00 €
Fruit basket for 10 person  45,00 € (these can also be ordered as a dessert)
Coffee (with milk and sugar) and  bun 6,50 € (these can also be ordered as dessert)
Coffee (ground coffee and milk, sugar) and bun 4,80 €/person
Pancakes (2 pcs) and strawberry jam   5,00 € (these can also be ordered as a dessert)
Coffee bread of the day 3,20 €/piece/person
Coffee ingredients (ground coffee, sugar, milk)   1,80 € /person
(Coffee ingredients are delivered with other orders)


Mineral water and soft drinks 1,5l bottle/ 4,50 €, 0,33l bottle / 4,50 €
Milk 1 l /2,5 €, special milk (as lactose-free) 3,50 €

Table setting 2,90 €/person
Disposable dishes 1,50 €/person

Rent the dishes you need:
Dinner plate 0,40 € / pcs
Coffee set 0,60 € / pcs
Utensils 0,25 € / pcs


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