Come and try out super fun arctic floating in Himos!

The idea of dipping yourself into 0 degree water might not sound appealing at first, but let us show you how fun it can be! The sensation of relaxation after leaving the water is nothing short of amazing!  You’ll be wearing your own clothes under the thermal suit so you will not get cold even though you are floating in and ice hole between the ice blocks around you.

This activity is guided and totally safe with the rescue suits that cover your whole body and keeps you warm. Who knows, maybe after this step you’re ready to do it in the Finnish way without the suit?

Only in the winter time, max. 15 people at a time.
Participating in the activity under the influence of alcohol or other substances is strictly prohibited. The guide may deny or stop one’s participation for safety reasons if necessary.

Duration 1 – 1,5 h.
Price 35 € / person (group size 6-20 pers.)
25 € / person (group size 21-50 pers.)

avantoseikkailu himoksella
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