Experience the praised and exemplary educational system in Finland.
We can provide you an unique learning experience with locals.
Groups are formed based on the ages of the participants.
Himos offers camp activities for adults and children for winter and summer & autumn camps.

The group must have at least 10 participants, that study in the same group.
Therefore, the group must be of same age.
Teaching language is English. The group needs an escort with excellent English skills.
The escort can also be an interpreter in the educations.


◉ TL-1950- Children Winter Camp- Learning in Happiness

Finnish education is famous all over the world. Himos is a famous ski resort.

We have planned these two famous strengths for a special Children winter camp. Children will experience the most popular winter sports in Northern Europe such as snowboarding, downhill skiing and Siberian husky sledding.

In addition, we will visit the Finnish school and attend classes with Finnish children to participate in the Finnish teaching method, so that children can get the best learning results in a subtle way.

The variety of winter camp lets children to experience a lot of winter sports, but also to learn and communicate with Finnish children, enhance international friendship, such a happy trip, children will love it.

◉ TL-1951- Children Winter Camp- The Memory of Timeless

Education has always been the topic of concern to parents.

Finnish education method has demonstrated the positive impact of learning through various tests. With the support of Jämsä City Hall, Himos presents an in-depth exploration of Finnish educational travel camp. We arranged 2.5 days in Finnish school, let children from all over the world can join the courses with Finnish students under Finnish education method, to inspire the interesting of learning and enhance the international point of view.

Besides that, we will take children to Serlachius Museums to know the story of power of change, not mention the funniest Husky Sprint Ride with Alaskan Dogs, Ice Fishing on the Icy Lake and visit Moose Manor estate and moose park. So special and interesting itinerary will surely give children to have an unforgettable holiday.

◉ KL-1950- Children Summer Camp- A Full-scale Finnish Learning Experience

Finland’s education system and teaching methods have been longing for the world, and the teaching methods that have been updated with the times are reviewed every year to propose the learning methods that are most suitable for today’s students.

We arranged a 2.5 days trip to the Finnish school to study with local children. The inspiring learning method will definitely bring different learning experiences to the children. We have even arranged to the famous Gradia Vocational School. This is a rare arrangement that allows children to experience the learning content of different occupations under the guidance of elder friends and inspire children’s interest in future career choices.

In addition to school courses, children are also taken to the Isojärvi National Park for hiking, boating in Himos lake, and other outdoor activities. We will also lead children to a Selachius Museum that profoundly influences Finnish culture and economy, and learn the story of the power of change. A wonderful and healthy summer camp with educational and cultural implications, don’t miss it!

◉ KL-1952- Children Summer Camp- A colorful week in Finland

World has always been curious and longing for Finnish education, and children in Finland really learn in happiness. Such an educational system is very different from other countries.

We offer you a Finnish education and tourism summer camp that integrates healthy sports experience and opens up an international perspective for Children. Himos will lead children to classes with local Finnish students, and experience the uniqueness of Finnish education to inspire children’s learning interests. We will also go to famous vocational school to let children understand the content of future careers in advance and expand their horizons.

In addition to school courses, we also lead children to hike in the forest, learn about the changes in the formation of nature, and experience many activities such as canoeing and boating, wild paintball competitions, etc. The itinerary is very exciting and rich. Finnish sauna is warming up for Children to make children’s rare vacations have the best memories.

Customised requirements or more itinerary plannings, please contact Himos!


◉ TL-1901- Adult winter camp- Fulfill all your dreams

Finland’s winter is not only thick snow, but also full of surprises.

In addition to the unique scenery and full of winter activities, Himos brings you winter camp that you have never been experienced, the dog sledding with Siberian Huskies, Alpine Curling Competition, Snowboarding and even rare Arctic Floating etc.., and visits to the Moose Manor, organic farms and winery, as well as the famous Finnish art gallery, stay in Nordic style wooden cottage, enjoy the Finnish sauna, let your precious holiday have the best memories.

Don’t hesitate! Come join us and feel the Northland Finland Scenery.

◉ TL-1902- Adult winter camp- A Fast Dive Into Finnish Outdoors

When you arrange a Nordic city tour, why not add a short Nordic winter sports experience camp, while staying away from the hustle and bustle, experience the quiet life of the Finnish town!

Himos offers fun Nordic snow sports such as Arctic Floating, Fishing on the Icy Lake, Siberian Huskies Dog Sledding, Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing etc.. You will stay in a Nordic-style cottage and enjoy Finnish sauna.

So easy way in your short holiday to experience the best of the Northland Finland and combine these countryside experiences with city breaks for example in Helsinki.

◉ KL-1901- Adult summer- A Week of Nature and Excitement

Finland is famous for its forests and lakes. In the summer, Finns spend a rare warm summer time in forests and lakes.

We arrange the most interesting and exciting activities in the summer in a week, such as Fat Bike Adventure in the Forest, Canoeing and Rowing, Excursion in the Nature Park, etc., and will take you to the centuries-old felt factory, featured organic farm and visit the Moose Manor. Stay in the Nordic style wooden cottage and enjoy Finnish traditional sauna to relax your muscles after the exciting adventure, let you still be full of energy at the end of the holiday.

◉ Northern Europe’s Largest Machinery Exhibition and Traditional Finnish Bird Hunting

A special in-depth trip in Finland will bring you a beautiful impact feeling of the vanguard ofscience and technology and traditional vision. This is a unique and different journey. Welcome to Himos!

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