Summer weekly programs are valid from 17.5. to 31.8.2023.
You can make a reservation directly from the calendar below.
In addition to weekly programs, we offer equipment rental and activities on request for families and small groups.


No program.


12.00 Patajoki ATV safari
This quick safari is an excellent way to explore nature at Himos on all-terrain vehicles. Its route takes you around the Himos dirt roads and forest roads.
Duration approx. 1.5 h.
Price 69 € /person (with two riders per ATV), 89 €/Person
The driver must hold a T-class driving license.

14.00 SUP-board trip
Enjoy a summer’s day on a guided SUP board trip! The tour heads to the waves of Patalahti and is suitable for all levels of paddlers, even for the beginner.
Duration approx. 1 h.
Price 25 €/Person


12.00 eFatbike-safari to Moose Manor
Have you ever kissed a moose? On this E-Fatbike safari it might be possible! The safari takes you to the Hirvikartano Moose Manor where you can learn about the antlered residents of the forest – the moose, the reindeer and the roe deer. The electric assistance makes the cycling easy in the beautiful countryside of Himos. In Moose Manor you get to hear interesting stories about the animal residents of the manor and enjoy a cup of coffee and pasties in the cosy living room of the old farmhouse.

Duration approx. 2,5-3 h
Price 95 € / person
Helmet is included in the price. Wear suitable outdoor clothing and gloves.

16.00 SUP-board trip
Enjoy a summer’s day on a guided SUP board trip! The tour heads to the waves of Patalahti and is suitable for all levels of paddlers, even for the beginner.
Duration approx. 1 h.
Price 25 €/Person

17.00 Golf club for children
Free Golf Club hosted by HimosSkiResort! Come and get to know the sport in a guided golf club, ideal for enthusiastic little golfers. The golf club is for children born between 2014 and 2017.
Duration 1 hour
No registration needed. Meeting and more information from the Caddie master’s office at the end of the road Hiihtäjäntie. tel. +358 400 998 66.

18.00 JuniorGolf
Free Junior Golf School hosted by HimosSkiResort! Come and get to know the sport in a guided golf club, suitable for first timers as well as juniors who have played golf for a while. JuniorGolf is for juniors born between 2007 and 2013.
Duration 1 hour
No registration needed. Meeting and more information from the Caddie master’s office at the end of the road Hiihtäjäntie. tel. +358 400 998 66.


10.30 Serlachius museums
Transport and visit to two Serlachius museums. Discover the history of the Serlachius family, to see masterpieces from the golden age of Finnish art (e.g.  Gallen-Kallela, Edelfelt, Schjerfbeck). To be inspired by contemporary art, quality architecture and dine at Restaurant Gösta. During the day, you can rent Jopo-bicycle and ride them flexibly from one museum to the next. The Gösta Museum also has rowing boats for rent.
Duration approx. 7 h
Price 55 € / adult, 45 € / child under 18.
The day trip is only possible if there are at least six participants.
See more information and buy the day trip directly from the Serlachius Museums online shop

12.00 eFatbike safari
Electrically assisted Fatbikes make the hilly landscapes of Himos a breeze, even if you haven’t ridden a bike for a while. Those who want an additional challenge can turn the electric assist off if a scenic ride is not their thing.
Duration approx. 1,5 h
Price 44 € / person

14.00 SUP-board trip
Enjoy a summer’s day on a guided SUP board trip! The tour heads to the waves of Patalahti and is suitable for all levels of paddlers, even for the beginner.
Duration approx. 1 h.
Price 25 €/Person


No Program.


16.00  Smoke sauna at the Sauna Village
Finland’s sauna village offers its best and heats up its hot rooms for Saturday heat bathers at the Sauna village, home of many smoke saunas. There are dozens of smoke saunas, some of them hundreds of years old. Several are heated on Summer Saturdays. Sauna village is open from 16.00-20.00. And there are 2-3 different types of smoke sauna in the warm room.

Price 10 € / adult, children under 16 and members of the Finnish Sauna Culture Association are free of charge.
Payment on the spot, cash payment only. Pre-registration is not required.
Bring your own towel and swimsuit.

The Sauna Village is 8 km from Himos, Pataniemi 420.


No program.


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Weekly programmes must be booked in advance, unless otherwise specified in the programme.



  • Minimum group size 4 people or 2 families. (Does not apply to rental) Under 6 year old children must be accompanied by parents
  • Family = 2 adults with 2 children
  • Advance subscription for program must be done latest by 4 pm on the previous day. Register in Himos Holiday reception (Himos Center). Tel. +358 20 7119 210
  • The activities start at the Himos Safaris reception premises in Himos Center.
  • Participating in motorized programs under influence of alcohol is totally prohibited (0 tolerance).
  • Safari guides have right to prohibit the participation of person under influence of alcohol also to other programs.
  • Activities are arranged weather permitting.


We reserve the right to change the program and schedules.

HimosHoliday +358 20 711 9230   | himosholiday(at)himosholiday.com


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Among other things, you can rent eFatbikes, bikes, rowing boats, SUP boards, canoes as well as line-fishing equipment and games. You can also borrow books and boardgames at no charge. Check Himos reception opening hours from arrival info.

Himos reception +358 20 711 9210  vastaanotto(at)himoslomat.fi

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The golf ranges at Himos pay respect to the region’s natural values and are situated in varied terrain. The course is a full 18 holes, with a par of 72.  Its total length is 6 km.  A wide water range is available for practice.  Players are required to have a valid green card. More information at the Golf  (in Finnish) You can try your golf swing at the water range even if you have never golfed before. Green card not required. Additional information from the Himos Golf Caddie Master’s office at the end of the road  Hiihtäjäntie.

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Himos is home to fantastic hiking and fatbike paths.  Ask for a map at the Himos reception.  Paths are well marked and have fireplace shelters. More about hiking in Himos, please check the linkage. Other routes in the Jämsä area are presented in the HimosJämsä as below.

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You can choose from four speed sports: water skiing, wakeboarding, knee-boarding or ring-pulling at the lake – try all of them if you like! These sports really test your ability to handle speed! There are five seats on the boat in addition to the driver. Prices include the boat and fuel, the driver, lifejackets and equipment. Price from 180 € for the first hour, 120 € for additional hours. Additional information and contacts in LuckyFish. Activities must be reserved in advance.

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Himos and Jämsä provide excellent opportunities to get to know Central Finland’s magnificent nature, both on land and water. There is a large variety of routes for hikers, bikers and rowers. Juveninkoski, Rotkojärvi and the Isojärvi National Park can easily take your breath away. There are many birdwatching platforms in the region. Jämsänniemi has loads of bike paths. The Wanha Witonen rowing route is a challenge for experienced cyclists, and the calmer lake areas at Patalahti are excellent for beginners.

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The Pälämäki Local History Museum showcases a moderately wealthy farmstead’s daily life and work at the end of the 19th century. Pälämäki can be found at Ruotsulantie 42, 42100 JÄMSÄ. The Aarresaari Local History Museum and its structures show the development of the village from the 14th century to the early 20th century. The museum showcases both traditional farming and early industrial items. The Aarresaari Local History Museum can be found at Virtasalmentie 28, 42300 JÄMSÄNKOSKI.

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At Himos, you can also roleplay as a detective and solve the Jämsä bank heist mystery in an escape room game. Way Out Himos is good for families, company outings and first-timers. More information and sign-ups from Himos Holiday or Himos reception!

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On the other side of Patalahti from Himos Center, you’ll find the Patapirtti restaurant and the Uusi-Yijälä farm. Good food, a calm countryside, local wines and other souvenirs make Patapirtti a worthwhile experience.

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Summer theatre is a traditional Finnish way to spend your summer evenings in an outside auditorium watching theater show. The Jämsä Summer Theater is located in the beautiful surroundings of Sähkökoski. The Jämsä Summer Theatre’s programme will be published later. Showtimes, tickets and driving instructions .

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There are several Frisbee golf tracks in Jämsä. The Lamminsuo DiscGolfPark, in Jämsä town, is closest to Himos. The track has a water crossing section, which can also be skipped by beginners. Use of the park-like track is free, so make sure to bring your own discs. The Lamminsuo Disc Golf track is at Puukilankatu 1.

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An extensive toy museum that takes you back to your childhood, with a variety of memorabilia. Only a 15-minute drive from Himos.

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Check out Lahtinen’s feltworks at their factory outlet. Juveninkoski Rapids are close to the outlet and worth checking out as well. 

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Jämsä town has a pump track and a children’s traffic park to entertain children of all ages. You can find the pump track at Keskuskatu 18b. Bikes, kick-boards, skateboards and roller skates are allowed: make sure to bring your own, as rentals are not provided.  Remember to use a helmet when riding the pump track! The children’s traffic park is right across the road at Piispasentie 2. The park has traffic lights, a fueling station and a roundabout, allowing children to practice basic rules of the road. During opening hours, there is also a café on the grounds. Price €3/h. There is an outdoor pool next to the traffic park and pump track – don’t forget to take your swimwear!

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At Nurmolandia, you can get to meet ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, quail and rabbits. Cats and dogs are also a common sight. Nurmolandia lets you get to know the animals or take part in an animal care day event, for example. Horse riding opportunities are also provided. Opening hours vary: plan your visit in advance with Nurmolandia. Driving distance from Himos ca 15 min. Opening hours and programmes can be found from Nurmolandia. We recommend calling Nurmolandia to arrange your visit.

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Arrival at Kylämäntie 1335, Kuhmoinen (enter “Heretyn metsätyökämppä” into your navigator) Hiking on your own at Isojärvi National Park A wilderness guide will receive you, introduce you to the national park and Finnish nature, and provide you with a map. There are two different routes, 3km (1.5-2 h) and 7km (2-3 h). These routes can be challenging for the inexperienced (elevation, rocks, roots), so we recommend setting aside enough time. Visitors will receive a cloth badge commemorating their trip to the national park. Price from 15€/person. Children under 4 get in free, but a cloth badge will not be given.  Sign up by 4 pm the previous day at +358 44 532 59 55. Guided trips to the national park A wilderness guide will receive you and introduce you to the national park. They will accompany you to the 3 km route. Snacks are provided for the trip. A national park cloth badge and postcard are given as souvenirs. On the trip, visitors will hear stories about Finnish nature and the national park’s signature animal, the beaver. Trips begin at 11 am. Duration 3 hours, price from 50 €/person, 25€ for children under 10, and children under 4 go free Guidance in Finnish and English. Snacks are included in the price. Sign up by 4 pm the previous day at +358 44 532 59 55»

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