Restaurant Services in Christmas

Enjoy Christmas with the help of Tupa kitchen & bar and Restaurant Liiteri.
Their delicious servings give you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation without kitchen duties.

Christmas meal package includes 6 meals during Christmas.
Seats will be fully booked soon~ book in advance!

Meal and facility reservations from Himos Holiday, 

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Christmas meal package 2022

Price for the Christmas meal package 170 € / adult.
Children 4-12 years -50 %, 85 € / children

Setting times, menu and prices are presented below.

Friday 23 December

Christmas dinner buffet
Settings in Restaurant Liiteri at 5 pm, 6.30 pm and 8 pm

Two options of main courses, salads, bread, drinks, dessert and coffee

Price when bought separately 24,50 €/ppl

Christmas Eve,
Saturday 24 December

Breakfast Brunch
Settings in Tupa kitchen & bar at 9 am, 10 am and 11 am.

Price when bought separately 18,50 €/ppl

Christmas Eve Dinner
Settings in Tupa kitchen & bar at 2.30 pm and 5 pm, settings in Restaurant Liiteri at 4 pm and 6.30 pm.

Both restaurants have the same menu. See the menu below.

Price when bought separately 57,50 €/ppl

Christmas Day,
Sunday 25 December

Breakfast Brunch
Settings in Tupa kitchen & bar at 9 pm, 10 pm and 11 pm.

Price when bought separately 18,50 €/ppl

Christmas Day Dinner
Settings in Restaurant Liiteri at 4 pm and 6.00 pm.

The menu is listed below.

Price when bought separately 57,50 €/ppl

Monday 26 December

Hotel breakfast buffet

Settings in Tupa kitchen & bar at 8 am to 11 am

All the meals listed above belong to the Christmas meal package.

Price when bought separately 12,50 €/ppl

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner buffet menu 2022


Green salad (M, G)
Rosolli beetroot Salad (M, G), beetroot cream (L, G)
Mushroom salad (L, G)
Pickled root vegetables M, G
Smoked reindeer Caesar salad (L)
Sherry marinated Baltic herring (M, G)
Sea buckthorn marinated Baltic herring (M, G)
Juniper berry marinated Baltic herring (M, G)
Skågen prawns L, G
Cured Finnish salmon (M, G)
Smoked Finnish salmon M, G & roe sauce L, G
Roasted Finnish turkey fillet & blackcurrant jelly M,G
Liver paté (L, G) red onion compote (M, G)

House bread
Butter (L, G), cream cheese spread (L, G)



Traditional Finnish Christmas ham (M, G), House Christmas mustard (L, G)
Tiituspohja Smokehouse Christmas sausage (L, G), Bayern salad (M, G)
Carrot casserole (L, G)
Rutabaga casserole (L)
Potato casserole (VL)
Mustard sauce (L, G)

Boiled potato (L, G)


Cheese assortment L,
Walnut compote M, G
Yule Log L
Christmas tarts
Ginger bread and sweets
Fruit plate
Coffee, tea


Roasted salmon (L, G)
Meatballs, creamy sauce (L)
Mashed potatoes (L, G)

Santa Claus visits restaurant on Christmas Eve with treats!

Restaurant Liiteri has a cozy athmosphere perfect for Christmas dinners

Santa Claus will visit every setting of Christmas buffet.
Menu included in Christmas Package.

Small changes in the menu are possible.
Price includes water, milk and home-brew beer (non-alcoholic)

The price when purchased separately is 57,50€/person.

L = lactose free | G = gluten free | M = milk free
Additional allergy information available from our staff.

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