Terms of reservation and cancellation

Himos Holiday (HimosLomat) observes the following terms and conditions for reservation of accommodation and services. These conditions are binding for both parties from the moment the guest makes a reservation.

High season periods are Christmas-New Year season (21.12.-11.1.), Easter, Festivals and regional major events such as exhibitions and Neste Rally Finland. MORE INFORMATION >>

Prevailingness of Finnish Version
These terms have been negotiated and executed in Finnish. In the event any translation of the terms are overlapping, the provisions / version of the Finnish version shall prevail.


Himos Holiday does not make preliminary reservations. A reservation is binding from the moment it is made, whether it was made via internet, telephone or in writing. A handling fee of 19 € is added to the cost of the reservation. Person who makes the reservation as well as checking in must be at least 18 years old.

General payment terms
50 % of the total sum is due 14 days after reservation, the final sum must be paid 14 days before the beginning of the reservation. If the reservation is done 30 – 14 days before arrival, the whole amount of the reservation is charged 14 days before arrival. If the reservation is done less than 14 days before arrival, the whole amount of reservation is charged immediately. 

Payment for Christmas, New Year and other high season period booking

50 % of the total sum is due 14 days after reservation, the remaining sum must be paid 60 days before the beginning of the reservation. If the reservation is done less than 60 days before arrival, the whole amount of the reservation is charged 7 days after reservation. If the reservation is done less than 30 days before arrival, the whole amount of reservation is charged immediately.

End-cleaning fee will be added to all reservations during high season. If there is a jacuzzi in the cottage, jacuzzi fee will also be added to reservation.

Payment for online bookings 
When making the reservation in the online system, the first payment is charged immediately. Remaining sum must be paid latest 14 days before the beginning of the reservation. The final sum is not charged automatically. The payment can be submitted with the invoice which is sent automatically to the e-mail address provided by the guest while making the booking. To pay by credit card please contact the sales office personnel. Payment dates does not affect the terms and timelines of cancellation.

Visa invitation will be sent only after the reservation is completely paid off.

Additional fees:
A handling fee of 19 € will be added to the reservation. In certain times cleaning fee will be added to all reservations automatically. In certain times the fee of the outdoor jacuzzi will be added to the reservations automatically. These additional services are not included in the rental price of the cottage or villa and they will have their own product line in the reservation. Such times can be checked here». During festival times require the announcement of festival ticket numbers. The festival tickets must be valid through the whole festival and there must be as many tickets are there are bed places in the reserved accommodation.


Check-in starts at 16 o’clock / 4 pm. The keys must be returned to the reception by 12 o’clock / noon.

The key is given only to the person who has made the booking unless the person names a deputy person. The person checking in must present the reservation number, receipts and personal identification documents in the reception. If the reservation is made via a travel agency, the customer must bring the agency’s voucher.

Keys are picked up from Himos Center reception, Länsi-Himoksentie 4, 42100 Jämsä. Tel. +358 20 711 9210

If you wish to collect the key outside opening hours, you must inform the reception of late arrival and arrange separate delivery. The opening times: http://www.himosholiday.com/en/himosholiday/arrival-info/ 

If the key is lost, the client is charged for actual expenses of changing the locks. If the key is left inside the accommodation, Door opening fee by maintenance during the week days between 8 – 18 o’clock costs 50 € and other times 80 €.

There are blankets and pillows in the cottages/villas but no sheets and towels unless reserved in advance or mentioned otherwise. Linen and towels can be reserved for extra charge in advance, in this case the linen is delivered to the cottage before guests arrival. It is also possible to rent sets from the reception. In some villas the reservation for linen and towels per passenger are mandatory.

A starting package including following items is delivered to the cottages and villas before the start of the reservation: some toilet rolls, hand tissue roll, dishwasher liquid, standard washing liquids. Guests must buy refills at their own cost if the products run out.

The resident is responsible for cleaning the holiday property during the holiday and before departure.
It is possible to buy end-cleaning service from HimosHoliday. Prices start from 62 € per cottage depending of the size of the cottage.

If the end-cleaning service is not reserved we expect the guest to do the following: take out the rubbish, hoover/wash the floors, wash the dishes (empty the dishwasher), wash the bathroom and toilet, remove stains and dirt, return items in the cottage and the terrace to their designated places, collect the rubbish from the terrace and make the beds.

Even if the cleaning has been reserved, the cabin is expected to be in reasonable condition, with furniture and other equipment in the proper place and unbroken, rubbish taken out, and any bio-matter removed. Any rubbish in the yard of the cottage must also be picked up.

If the holiday property is not cleaned as advised, Himos Holiday will charge a fee of 50 € / cleaner / starting hour.

If the cottage or villa is has a jacuzzi or hot tub, a separate fee is charged according to the price list. Using instructions are handed out in HimosLomat reception upon check-in. HimosLomat has the right to charge an additional fee of 150 € if the using instructions have not been followed. Movable hot tubs or swimming pools are prohibited on the area in the wintertime. In the summer season hot tubs are allowed in most cottages and must be informed in advance to Himos Holiday +358 20 711 9230

When accommodating in a hotel or motel: cleaning, linen and towels are included in the accommodation rate. 


The holiday property must not be used by more people than specified in the brochure or description. A fee of 30 € for each additional person is applicable. The use of tents, camper vans, or mobile homes on the holiday property site is forbidden without explicit permission from HimosHoliday.


The customer is responsible for the contents of the rented cabin during the rental period. The customer is liable to compensate HimosLomat or their partners for any damage caused to the property or its contents during the rental period. HimosHoliday is not responsible for the guest’s personal effects kept in accommodation or other premises or which are left in the accommodation. Lost and found items are shipped to the lost and found office Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu, inquiries +358 600 03393


Any complaints about the reserved services or the condition of the holiday property must be expressed by the guest immediately to HimosLomat – HimosHoliday after they arise.

The problems are being tried to solve or compensate during the guest’s stay provided that the guest has informed about the flaws or deficiencies.

Notifications or urgent maintenance requests must be done by phone to the 24 hrs duty line +358 20 711 9213. If the guest has not notified HimosLomat about the flaws, the guest loses the rights for compensation.

If the mutual agreement about the compensation for a service or property is not found during the guest’s stay, the guest may address their written complaint to HimosLomat within a week from the end of the stay.

The written complaint can be addressed by an e-mail to himoslomat@himoslomat.fi or via form which is available in Himos Center reception.

The e-mail is not being read during evening times, weekends or public holidays.


Smoking indoors is forbidden in all holiday properties. Unauthorized smoking indoors will incur an airing fee minimum of 250 €. HimosLomat must always be informed of any pets brought to the holiday property. A fee of 30 €/reservation will be charged for each pet. Pets brought without permission will incur an additional charge of 50 €/pet/day. HimosHoliday takes no responsibility for problems, such as allergic reactions, caused by unauthorized smoking or animal dust. HimosHoliday does not rent hypoallergenic or accessible cottages.


A reservation is valid immediately after booking. HimosLomat must always be informed of a cancellation in writing. Not making the payment is not a cancellation!

HimosLomat charges minimum 95 € as administration fee in case of cancellation or modification.

General terms of cancellation 
Cancellation/ modification fee is 95 € per cottage if the cancellation is made earlier than 14 days before arrival. The difference between first payment and cancellation fee is refunded. If the cancellation is done less than 14 days before arrival, cancellation fee is the whole sum of the reservation, no payments are refunded.

Cancellation terms for reservations during high season and events
Cancellation/modification fee is 20 % of the sum of the cottage, minimum fee is 95 €. Cancellation fee is 50 % of the whole sum of the cottage if the accommodation is cancelled 59-30 days before the arrival. The cancellation fee is the whole sum of the reservation if the cancellation is done less than 30 days before the beginning of the reservation.

Changing the dates or accommodation from one cottage to another, is considered a cancellation and making of a new reservation and a cancellation/modification fee will be charged. The payments can not be transferred from one cottage to another, because the holiday apartments available through HimosLomat – Himos Holiday have several different owners. Therefore the change is a cancellation for the owner the other first cottage and a new booking for the second cottage’s owner.

NOTE! Due to the COVID pandemic, there is flexibility in the conditions concerning reservations starting latest on 31st of May 2021. Reservation and all payments related can be transferred max. 14 months onward from the original starting date. Reservation can be transferred 2 times. The announcement of the transfer must be made at least 14 days in advance.

General silence on the area 23 – 07. If the guests are causing undue interference, and do not co-operate with the guard, the reservation may be terminated instantly and no payments are refunded. Disturbance in the area must be informed directly to the police by calling the general emergency number 112.

We recommend taking out insurance in advance against sudden illness or accidents. Changes in weather conditions, number of slopes or routes available do not change the terms of reservation and cancellation. Himos Holiday is not liable to compensate any possible inconvenience caused by building works on neighbouring slot or any changes in the equipment level of the cottage that is caused by the owner of the house and is not reported to Himos Holiday.


Himos Holiday has a right to cancel the reservation in the event of unforeseeable and unavoidable situations or factors attributable to the proprietor of the holiday property (such as changes in ownership). The owner of the holiday property may cancel the agreement through Himos Holiday, in which case Himos Holiday must inform the customer of the cancellation as soon as possible. In such a case, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the payment made to HimosLomat. HimosLomat may cancel a reservation if the customer has not followed the terms of payment.


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