Alpine curling in Himos

Alpine curling is most likely one of the oldest icesports and most definately one of the funniest sports.

One player at a time slides the pin on the ice trying to land it close as possible to the center rock. The distance between the pin and the rock is measured, the pins left on the goal area count for points.

We have two sets of equipment and two tracks on the lake close to Himos Hotel. The set includes 6 pins and one goal rock. Max 30 people per track at a time

Only in the winter time, weather permitting.

Duration 1 – 1,5 h.
Starting fee 60 € + 7 € / person, 6 – 20 ppl group , 60 € +5 € / person, 21 – 50 ppl group.

Check the schedules from our winter weekly programs.