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Sauna Village

The Finnish Sauna Village with its museum saunas can be found in Jämsä, just a 10-minute drive from Himos, on the shore of Lake Päijänne. The historic Sauna Village has sauna structures built from the 18th century.

Visits to the traditional village are by agreement, duration approx. 1 h.


The story of the Sauna Village began already in the beginning of 1980’s when it was opened to the public in its former location in Muurame. The late Finnish President Urho Kaleva Kekkonen – a devoted sauna enthusiast and an experienced sauna diplomat himself had agreed to be the protector of the historic sauna collection already in the late 1970’s. The purpose was to bring together historic smoke saunas belonging to different eras from all over the country, cherish the sauna tradition and to keep this essential part of Finnish culture alive. After 31 years it became obvious that the times in the former location of Muurame had come to an end and the saunas were donated to a small but stubborn association Suomen Saunakulttuuri Ry, who wanted to keep the fire under the stove alive

In 2015 the saunas which were robust enough to make it through the relocation were moved to Juokslahti in Jämsä, just 6 km north from Himos, to a beautiful bay of Lake Päijänne. At the very last moment the association was able to save the future for these buildings which also exhibit the expertise of primal log building architecture. There is no other place in the world where you would have the chance to see or let alone take a bath in easter and western Finnish smoke sauna. The collection is a priceless exhibition of Finnish cultural and historical heritage.

The oldest of the saunas are from the 18th century, most from late 19 th and early 20 the century.

The area is not complete yet. The aim is not just to make a museum of saunas but a recreational place for genuine sauna experience. The work is slow as the association takes pride in restoring the buildings using original tools and building methods when ever they can. One did not have the option for cutting corners and whizz through longs with chain saws back in the lively 1700’s. The work is done by volunteer work and delightfully enough, people from various parts of the world have already taken part and volunteered at the sauna village.

Some of the saunas are already restaured and heated up regularly, some are in the process of being healed as they describe their work in the village. Some saunas will stay in museum preservation. Every time after a sauna is conditioned, it is being placed to its final plot in the village.  At the same time the association Suomen Saunakulttuuri RY is keeping the public sauna tradition alive.

Address: Pataniemi 420, 42100 Jämsä

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More information: Suomen Saunakulttuuri Ry

During the summer the saunas are being heated every Saturday, generally from May to September. Also on the big days in the Finnish sauna calendar – Christmas and Easter it has been possible to have sauna and join others in the village.

You can participate in the progress of sauna village by a 5 € fee for bathing or purchase a 20 € annual member fee for unlimited baths. Bring your own towel and sauna snacks and sit down for a spirit of sauna that has embraced Finns for centuries.

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