Stage dance festival 25.-26.8.2023

The Stage Dance Festival, which aims to become Finland’s largest stage dance music event, will be held for the second time in Himos on 25.-26.8.2023!

The dances will be rotated to the rhythm of live music in Himos Park tent, where a 2000 m2 dance floor will be built. The stars of the event are Saija Tuupanen & eXmiehet, Antti Ahopelto & Etiketti, Heidi Pakarinen & Karavaani, Taikakuu, Kaiho, Hurma and Sinitaivas.. Early Bird tickets and caravan seats on sale here

The dance starts on Friday, but you can come to some of our cottages for the weekend price already on Thursday. The cottage booked on Thursday can also be check-in on Friday morning starting at 10 a.m. to avoid the traffic jams. You can easily book cottages with special prices directly from our online booking.

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