Pizza menu


OPERA L … 12,50 €

Ham and tuna

AMERICANA L … 13,50 €

Ham, pineapple and blue cheese

JÄMSÄN ÄMMÄ L … 14,50 €

Grilled chicken, blue cheese, bacon and peach


Bolognaise sauce made out of local Highlander beef, citrus marinated red onion, chili and jalapenos

FINLANDIA L … 16,00 €

Reindeer salami, blue cheese, citrus marinated red onion and shiitake mushrooms


Cold smoked salmon, Aura-bluecheese, lemon marinated red onion and finnish organic shitake mushroom

JÄMSÄN ÄIJÄ L … 16,00 €

Bolognaise sauce made out of local Highlander beef, ham, pepperoni and bacon

VEGE VE … 15,50 €

Seitan-kebab, Kalamata-olives, capers, pine nuts, citrus marinated red onion, arugula, shiitake mushrooms and grated vegan cheese product


2 fillings with your own choice                             13,50 €
4 fillings with your own choice                            17,00 €

Ham M, G
Pepperoni M, G
Cold smoked salmon M, G
Grilled chicken M, G
Bacon M,G
Highlander-bolognaise M,G
Tuna M,G
Goat cheese L, G
Aura blue cheese L, G
Salami Naples style M, G
Prociutto Crudo ham M, G
Shrimp M,G
Mozzarella L, G
Vegan cheese product VE
Green Kalamata olive VE
Pineapple VE
Citrus marinated red onion VE
Peach VE
Garlic VE
Capers VE
Arugula VE
Shiitake mushroom (organic) VE
Jalapeno VEG
Pine nuts VE
Chili VEG
Reindeer salami M, G
Seitan-kebab VE

All pizzas include tomato sauce and cheese. Change of a topping = Fantasia pizza. Slicing or dividing a pizza 1 €

M = Dairy free
L = Lactose free
VL = Low lactose
G = Gluten free
VEG = Vegan

Please ask your waiter about allergens if needed.