Book a chef to the cottage!

To have a meal like in the restaurant, but the chef is in the kitchen of the house just serve for you and your group? Well, now it’s possible!

Order a personal chef for your own parties, as a gift or organize a cooking school for your group.

You will have access to Chef Janne, a professional chef with a high standard and marinated in many broths, whose passion is pure and genuine ingredients and flavors from Finland and the world.

The menu is planned in advance, on the basis of which the chef procures the necessary ingredients for the desired number of people and arrives to prepare the food at the villa or cottage  you have booked. You can watch the chef work in the kitchen or socialize in your own peace while the intoxicating symphony of delicious aromas rises from the stove.

Personal chef – from 68 € / person
Cooking school – from 75 € / person

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