Himos Trail 2023


Himos Trail offers a great trail running experience for all levels and ages. The routes are designed to show you all the best in the Himos area – and there are plenty of them! We use the smallest and most beautiful trails, the most visually stunning places and the best views, not forgetting untouched terrain and magnificent swamps.

On one August weekend Himos is full of trail runners participating Himos Trail. Himos Trail is an trail running event that has expanded yearly. Himos trail has various track possibilities from 5 km long EASY track to a 26 kilometer long EXTREME track. Himos trail in the summer 2018 had over 1100 participants and the feedback from the event was full of praises.

The children can also take part in their own Himos Kids competition. Himos kids is a combination of trail running and obstacle run.

If you are in Himos during summer time, you can also participate in the Himos Trail common trainings. This gives you an excellent opportunity to try out trail running with others.

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