Sport programmes

Learn a new sport or get better in your own hobby!
Himos Sports Training is a goal-directed way to sport your way away when in Himos.

Sport programmes will develop skills in the chosen activities in a very purposeful manner.


  • Academic or competitive level training
  • Target-level
  • Leisure-level

Choose the best level for you. Academic level is best alternative for the enthusiast sporty people who want to exceed their limits and achieve excellent skills in their chosen sport.

Target-level is for new enthusiast in the field or those who have some amount of experience and are willing to work hard to get better.

Leisure-level is best for those who want to experience a new sport with the right techniques during their holidays.

Sport camps last for 7, 14 or 21 days. Training is in 6 days a week, one rest day. Sport programmes can be full-day training focused on a chosen activity, whereupon the days consist of theoretical lessons, strength exercises, activity-specific techniques, as well as practice and independent training.

Measurements can also be ordered in the Sport programmes to achieve an advanced level after initial level training, as well as good instruction towards independent home training.

Harri Kirvesniemi ski school

Trainings during 1.12. – 15.4.

Himos Wellness Mountain’s Ski School program includes Harri Kirvesniemi Winter Ski Camp. The ski camp provides a good base for both the most demanding participants, as well as for beginners.

The instructor for the camp is the World Champion skier and six-time Olympic medalist Harri Kirvesniemi and his team. The ski school is very goal-orientated, where each skiing skill will be developed during the ski camp.

Alpine ski school

Trainings during 15.12. – 15.4.

Possible to participate a full day or afternoon camp (5pm – 8pm). The camp is 6 days a week, one rest day per week.

At the ski school, you will experience the fun and enjoyment of skiing, learn more about
the required techniques or even train for competitions. The groups are set in accordance with
targets and levels.

Golf school

Possible 15.5. – 15.9.

Golfing around Päijänne lake. The camp includes overnight stays and five other courses around Päijänne lake.

Green card -training intensively with expert instruction. Duration 7 days.

Continuation Golf course lasts for 3 – 7 days.

Floorball school


Full week sports camp is possible around the year.

Orientation school


Possible 1.5. – 30.10.

Programme lasts from 7 to 14 days.

KIHU – The Research Institute for Olympic Sports

KIHU, the Research Institute for Olympic Sports, promotes Finnish competitive and top-level sports through ethically responsible and high-quality applied research, development and expert
activities. KIHU works in close cooperation with its key partners, the Olympic Committee, the Paralympics Committee and the University of Jyväskylä. KIHU’s activities support the strategic core of successful top-level sports, with its goals being international success, high-quality expertise, and respected sports.

In KIHU camp you’ll participate in different kinds of exercises, specialist lectures and tests in order to understand more about your sporty side.

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