Metko Party in Himos Areena 2020

Buffet served in Himos Areena on Thursday and Friday
from 7 pm until 9 pm.

On Stage

Thursday 3rd of September Nelli Matula
Friday 4th of September Laura Voutilainen

Price 65 € / person (incl. welcome drink, buffet dinner and ticket to Himos Areena evening party)

Book your group a table before hand! The tables will be sold out during summer.
Reservations from Himos Holiday Booking Center tel. +358 20 711 9230



Green salad with marinated tomatoes M, G
Waldorf Salad L, G
Prostinna Cream Cheese salad L, G
Sherry marinated Baltic Herring M, G
Salmon terrine, mustard dressing L, G
Rustic bacon paté, black currant jelly L, G
Root vegetable flakes, roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds M, G
Bread selection M and soft cream cheese spread L, G


Roasted rainbow trout, smoky clam sauce L, G
Slow cooked beef neck, shallot onion sauce M, G
Rosemary seasoned roasted potatoes M, G
Oven baked root vegetables M, G


Boysenberry pannacotta L, G
Coffee and tea

M = Dairy-free
L = Lactose-free
VL = Low lactose
G = Gluten-free

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