During the corona virus pandemic we strongly ask our guests to consider following requests:

  • Maintain good hand hygiene and follow the coughing etiquette, protect the people around you.
  • In the restaurants follow the instructions. The instructions are visible in the doors of the restaurant, the staff will advice if necessary.
  • When visiting the reception or restaurants and/or moving around in public, keep 1-2 m distance when ever possible.

Himos Center Reception
We wish that only the person in charge of the reservation, or a deputy person will pick up the key alone from the reception.
Others should wait outside or in the car. Keep distance to others.
We recommend using a mask when visiting Himos Center reception lobby.
We ask that you will fill the Passenger Card (pdf) in advance, to avoid unnecessary contact and to minimize the time spent in the reception.
If you do not want to visit the reception in person, we can arrange the pick-up for the key from the night safe without face to face contact. Inform us in advance (tel. +358 20 711 9210)

If a member of your party notices symptoms typical for coronavirus infection, please follow the instructions:

  • The person with symptoms will contact the hospital of Jämsä or their own medical center for further advice.
  • The person with symptoms is not allowed to move in public spaces or be in close contact with other guests in Himos.
  • The key is to be returned through the drop box next to main door of Himos Center reception. No visit to the reception in person.
  • Inform the reception by phone immediately of the symptoms, so we know to make desinfection in your rental cottage after your departure (tel. +358 20 711 9210)

The cleaning of rental cottages
In general the cleaning of the cottages is done by Himos Mökkipalvelut as an extra service order or performed by the guest.
Every time before the next accommodating guest the cleaners of Himos Mökkipalvelut wipes the door handles etc. with desinfection solution in a disposable cloth and airs the premises. At the same time the cleaning standard is reviewed and if needed extra cleaning measures performed. The ordered cleaning is performed with the practices and detergents recommended by THL.
Should we find out that a person who has been exposed to the Covid-19 has been accommodating in a cottage or room, the property will be closed out from bookings for two days, after which it be cleaned by the instructions of THL.

More information of handling the pandemic from The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) THL – Coronavirus COVID-19 – Latest Updates


With these actions we wish to make your stay and all of us safe, welcome to Himos Holiday.