Cross-country Skiing in Himos

Skiing tracks made of cannon-made snow can be found near the Western slopes, around lake Kuikka (Kuikkajärvi) when the weather allows. Skiing tracks from natural snow are also available when the snow coverage is thick enough.

Cross-country Skiing tracks in Himos

From Himosranta area the skiing tracks are connected to the skiing tracks of Jämsä. From Himosranta you can also ski towards the slopes through skiing tracks in Patalahti lake. It is possible to ski to Northern or Western slopes of Himos or all the way up to North Himos to a challenging 5 km long skiing track. Skiing tracks in the Golf course are connect to tracks leading to Jämsä center.

Near the Western slopes, around lake Kuikka goes a skiing track of cannon-made snow. The track will be open during the whole winter season. In addition, children have their own Troll forest skiing track, which are nearby children’s slopes, sled hill and playground. Himos Troll forest skiing track is easy, even and about 300 m long.

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