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Tower is built by one person standing on the top the crate tower while other members pass the crates. The goal is to build the highest tower possible without the builder falling.

Starting fee from 60 € + 7 € / person, 6 – 20 ppl group , 60€+ 5 € / person, 21 – 50 ppl group

koritornin rakennus


In this speedy sport two competitors race against each other on an inflatable running track, harnessed to a bungee-rope! The winner is who can resist the pull of the rope the longest. Minimum weight for the competitors is 50 kg.

Duration 1 – 1,5 h.
Starting fee from 90 € + 7 € / person,  6 – 20 ppl group , 90€ + 5 € / person – 21 – 50 ppl group



Challenge your friends to a friendly wrestling match! Wearing a padded sumo-suit you will try to knock down your competitor from the soft tatami. The winner is whoever can to do it three times. Suits also in children’s sizes.

Duration 1 – 1,5 h.
Starting fee from 60 € + 7 € / person, 6 – 20 ppl group , 60 € + 5 € / person, 21 – 50 ppl group



Two boxers compete wearing giant padded gloves. The winner is the one who knocks out the opponent three times in a a row. Challenge your friends in a funny tournament! The ring is an inflatable padded bouncing castle, the gloves are sturdily padded, helmets must be worn.

Duration 1 – 1,5 h.
Starting fee from 60 € + 7 € / person, 6 – 20 ppl group , 60€ + 5 € / person, 21 – 50 ppl group



Which suits your group best: basics of golf, playful competition with your group or just trimming your skills in the Himos Golf water range? PGA Golf Pro Jussi Räihä offers lessons at Himos Golf and the 18-hole course is a pay-to-play golf course.

Contact Information
Tel. +358400 998 666 tai caddiemaster@himosgolf.fi

Himos Golf vesirange


Challenge your friends to play FastScoop, fast and strategic ballgame, where two teams play against each other for the victory. This fun and energetic team game can be played both during winter and summer.

Duration 1 – 1,5 h.
Starting fee from 60 € + 7 € / person, 6 – 20 ppl group , 60 € + 5 € / person, 21 – 50 ppl group



Lavis is easy, fun and sweaty sport based on traditional Finnish ballroom dances. Lavis is an exhilarating way to get a sneak peak of Finnish dance traditions with a twist. You’ll be adopting the basic moves of Finnish folk dance and rock, and more. Put on nice and flexible clothes and wear comfortable shoes and get ready to move! You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy Lavis.

Price from 100 € + 15 €/person


Order your group a quick course in country-western dancing! Dance teacher will teach you the basics of the sport and after that, you can show of your groups competence together. Country-western dance does not require pairing up, so it is suitable for groups. You get to keep the Cowboy hats you receive, so the inner cowboy in you will not get lost so easily.