First Beat-analysis

First Beat -analysis is a tool to improve your well-being.


First Beat -analysis is a tool to improve your well-being. Through the analysis you will get information about your condition based on measurements. You’ll also get instructions to improve your health. Analysis is based on heart rate variation measurements. After the measurements you’ll know more about the stressing situations in your days. On the other hand, you’ll gain knowledge about the quality of your sleep and how well you recover from stressful situations.

For companies, the measurements can be arranged as a group. In this situation all those, who make the measurements get their own private feedback and the measurements will be also anonymously discussed in group.

Measurements will be done with electrodes placed on your chest. The electrodes will be kept for three days while living normal life. Measurement will not disturb your working or sleeping. At the same time, attendants should keep a diary of their days (including works, chores, TV-time, reading, sport activities and sleeping times). The measurement results and diary will be combined and so you’ll get important information about the state of your body.

Through these measurement you’ll get concrete, measured information, which helps you to motivate yourself to changes.


  • Book the time for your groups analysis. The booking should be done at least 3 weeks before the feedback meeting.
  • Electrodes and their user manuals are sent via mail to your company. You can then give them to the ones that are being measured.
  • After 3 days of measurements, the electrodes have to be sent back to First Beat for analysis.
  • Measurement results and feedback will be presented in a group meeting in Himos.
  • Group meeting is a great place for questions about the measurements.


  • 1 person 186 €. Price includes a personal feedback (about 30 min.)
  • Group of 4-9 persons 136 € / person. Price includes a group feedback (about 1 hour).
  • Group of 10-20 persons 124 € / person. Price includes a group feedback (about 1 hour).

Prices include VAT 24 %

First Beat -analysis is an excellent part of your groups sports day.
Required time for the feedback is about 2  hours in total. You can also book additional activities to your day!

Inquiries and reservations

Himos Holiday Booking Center 
tel. +358 20 711 9230

We reserve the right to all changes.


Measurement of endurance

  • UKK- walking test (42 € / person)
  • STEP-test (58 € / person)

Definition of heart rate levels for runners

  • Test 5 x 1000 m (71 € / person)

Measurement of muscle strength

  • Abdominal and back muscles, compression force (60 € / person)
  • Measurement of muscle strength in addition to other measurements (28 € / person)

Prices are for groups of minimum 6 persons.
Prices include VAT 24 %.